Can Money Buy Life?

The Associated Press has an interesting story on why there currently exists no HIV vaccine ( The article says:

“Private-sector efforts amount to just $100 million annually. This is mainly due to the lack of incentives for the private sector to invest in an AIDS vaccine – the science is difficult, and the developing countries that need a vaccine most are least able to pay.”

There are some who say HIV/AIDS is a manufactured disease; a biological weapon, if you will. Whether that is true or not, it is a sad moment in humanity’s history when one needs financial incentives to work towards eradicating a disease that exterminates millions annually. The selfishness and greed of man is perhaps the world’s mot amazing phenomenon.

What can we do? The International AIDS Vaccine Initiative (, mentioned in the article, is working on this problem in spite of the drug companies’ reluctance. Donations to this group are examples of grassroots dollars at work. I encourage you all to consider such organizations when deciding how to become a part of these efforts.

Garlin Gilchrist II

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One response to “Can Money Buy Life?”

  1. Kyle Warfield says :

    Tried to have a HEADS meeting about this a few weeks ago but it didn’t go as planned. Apparently money does by happiness..the happiness associated with knowing that you’ll live a long, “healthy” (bio-engineered) life along with those who also have money (and most likely your similar pale skin complexion), and knowing that the blasted negro race will soon exterminate itself…

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