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SuperSpade Quick Notes Summary for 2008-12-18

SuperSpade Quick Notes Summary for 2008-12-15

SuperSpade Quick Notes Summary for 2008-12-13

  • Doc tells me I’m out ’til February! Why does soft tissue take so long to heal? (via @garlinii) in reply to garlinii #

SuperSpade Quick Notes Summary for 2008-12-12

SuperSpade Quick Notes Summary for 2008-12-10

  • @nezua I feel u. I’ve been down a week now bit still haven’t built up blogging strength. Get well soon. #

SuperSpade Quick Notes Summary for 2008-12-09

  • why are detroit newspapers and personalities not getting more exposure during the debate over the auto industry bridge loan? #
  • Detroit news media can talk about the situation much more authoritatively than the NY Times or the Washington Post. #
  • @richardsession The journalistically responsible thing to do would be to ask those immediately impacted for their thoughts. So much for that #
  • Still writing that new post called Garlin is Getting Married! Now I Need Your Help…… #
  • New post at The SuperSpade: Garlin is Getting Married! Now I Need Your Help… ( ) #

Garlin is Getting Married! Now I Need Your Help…

Yes, it’s official.

I proposed to my my girlfriend, Ellen Smith, on December 1st, and she happily accepted! We can’t wait to marry one another and spend the rest of our lives together.

Ellen & I

Now we need your help

Ellen and I are finalists in the FOX 2 Detroit Wedding of a Lifetime contest. The contest winner will receive a beautiful, all-expenses-paid destination wedding on Lake Michigan.

I am asking all of you to vote for us to win the Wedding of a Lifetime.

How to vote:

  1. Watch our 1 minute video to hear why Ellen and I deserve to win.
    If the link doesn’t work, you can paste into your browser address line. 
  2. Create an account on the FOX 2 Detroit website. You’ll need to give your email address, name, and address. You don’t have to live in Michigan to vote.
  3. Vote for us! You can vote once every hour. Voting ends at midnight on December 14th.
There are only 5 days left to vote, so please vote early and often. The contest winners will be announced on December 15th.

The SuperSpade has been an important part of my life since Brandon and I started the site in November 2005. I appreciate your continued support of the site and of me personally.

Other news

While I’m writing about personal news, I’ll also include that I had knee surgery on December 2nd (the day after I proposed). I’m at home now, recovering, and will hopefully be back up and on my feet before Christmas. Please pray for me. And yes, voting for Ellen & I will make my knee heal faster. :-)

One Love. One II.

SuperSpade Quick Notes Summary for 2008-12-02

  • On the new National “Security” Team: Everyone on the squad is more hawkish than Obama. Why not appoint a[n inter]national Peace team? #
  • I question why we even have a Department of Homeland Security. Fresh thinking says we need to rethink why things even exist in the 1st place #
  • The Spade goes under the knife to get his patella tendon repaired this afternoon. Pray for your boy. #
  • @slanttruth @nezua Every time I hear post-racial I want to vomit. If you can’t assert your identity w/o fear of reproach, you are not free. #
  • @slanttruth @nezua this is the 1st time in a while I’ve heard of white people trying to reclaim a Black man for their own glory. #

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