Flexible Work Hours

I have spent two months officially making my trek through corporate America. And one thing I know is that this 9-5 gig is kicking people’s butt! I often joke with my friends that I don’t understand how people can juggle work, marriage, children while staying sane. I readily admit my naivete given my age BUT seriously. Something has to give. People are working to die, not live. What’s really good? Thankfully, an article was released today in Christian Science Monitor that talked about a report showing the increased benefits of employers providing flexible work hours. Now let’s keep it real. Even if you could find things to do for the entire work day, you know that after about 3:30-4:00 no task is going to get your complete and undivided attention. And even if it is you are thinking, “This isn’t due by the end of the day, I will finish it first thing in the morning.” Therefore, you waste an hour and a half checking emails, doing online banking, or making task lists for what you have to do after work. (That might just be me.)

Nevertheless, I know that if I could leave at 3:30, I would still get all of my work done timely and accurately. The article stated, “For the business, it just matters that employees are best able to contribute and be productive so that the customers and internal shareholders are served.” In fact, one of the companies included was Deloitte and Touche and their managers had nothing but good things to say about the benefits of providing flexible work hours. Maybe if flex time became the norm, maybe people could remember why they work crazy hours and maybe, just maybe view their job as an interesting life activity as opposed to an activity that drives their live. Just think about the first question you ask when you meet someone. After their name, which you always forget, is what do you do? Maybe if we could provide some flexible work time, the answer to that question would be a lot more interesting.



One response to “Flexible Work Hours”

  1. The Governor says :

    I definitely agree. Unless there is a relevant business purpose for having regular hours (i.e. customer service or market hours) then let people come and go as they please. Personally, I got more done from 5-9 than I ever did 9 to 5. And while we are at it, let’s implement siestas, just for like a half hour or so. It would do wonders for the economy.

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