Statistics of Black-White divide revisited

I read an interesting article entitled, Equality elusive for black Americans. What I really hated about this and other articles is that it was riddled with statistics that showed how Blacks have a ways to go to catch up to Whites. Why does it seem like any Black statistic won’t be published unless the corresponding White statistic be published along side it? And before I am mistaken, let me say that I believe in race based statistics but I get the feeling that White is the standard for success because so many times I have heard Black statistics defined as narrowing or expanding the Black-White (fill in the blank) divide. As a Black man, I don’t want Black success to be measured by White success and vice versa. And I don’t want White people to have a lesser quality of life so Black statistics will look better. For me, I just think it’s more important to see if Black folks are doing better (however defined) then they were yesterday and if that is not where White people are, then who cares?

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One response to “Statistics of Black-White divide revisited”

  1. Kevin P says :

    All very true. However those stats are listed in most cases to show “Injustice” in certain aspects of life White Americans V. Black Americans. It is also done to show the White American as the Superior Race in this counrtry. I like to view them as the Majority Class with the “HeadStart”. As to the question of “Measuring Up” So long as WE Black Americans only control 1/2 of 1% of the wealth in this nation that debate will continue in those terms. Lastly I am not as concerned about pushing the White Superior concept as I am looking at the missteps WE have taken to bring us here Such as Affirmative action reform as I like to call it. Case in point a survey was taken in Texas where the largest percentage of “Set aside” jobs were given to 1st White Women with a percentage of just over 70% next Latinos with just over 15% and lastly shared with Asian, Arabs and Black the remaining % points. The way in which we discuss stats will continue the way we attempt to solve them must change.

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