Troops may be reduced in 06′

I just read a headline in the Detroit Free Press entitled, Bush Aide: Troop Reduction May Come in ’06. I guess the spin never stops huh? How many times have we heard the troops “may” come home? This is one of the most outrageous and disrespectful things I have ever heard. The opening quote was, The United States may be ready to reduce troops in Iraq next year if Iraqis continue making progress at the current rate, President Bush’s national security adviser said Sunday. Did anyone catch the word “may”? Almost every other week I read about how the troops may stay in Iraq for up to ten years. So in other words basically, the troops may come home next year or end up staying for ten years, we are just crossing our fingers to see what the Iraqis MAY do. This is not a strategy Mr. President!!!! If a certain strategy solely depends on what someone else does, then it is not a strategy. Right now we are stuck in Iraq and I predict that we will hear more forceful calls from the Iraqi interim government for us to withdrawal, at which point, the US can save face and say, they didn’t want us there so we respected their wishes. One reason Bush has brought up recently for why we should stay is because he says the terrorists want to use Iraq as an operations base to launch attacks against the US. But if the terrorists didn’t need Iraq to attack us on 9/11, then why would they need it now?

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