Cut & Run

The hawks get upset when we demand immediate removal of US occupying forces from Iraq. They say that “cutting & running” only adds to the resolve of the “enemy.” I wonder how they feel if the “enemy” is internal?

The head of the Red Cross quit today. Note that that is 1 Red Cross resigner/domestic disaster in the 21st century (September 11 being the first). At this rate…

Could you define these two as “cutters & runners?” I think so. Let’s do a bit of comparitive analysis. The Iraq war is a failure. The response to Hurricane Katrina is a failure. The rebuilding of Iraq is a failure. The rebuilding of New Orleans is a failure. The accountability for the Iraq war is zero. The accountability for the Katrina response is zero. We did not do things in Iraq to prevent war. We did not do things in New Orleans to prevent levee damage and therefore flooding. I could go on and on and on.

Therefore, I say that Madame Marsha J. Evans is “cutting & running.” She took her $651,957 and bounced. Why doesn’t G.W. accuse her of trying to “re-write history?” Why doesn’t he say she is terrible for leaving a job “unfinished?” Why doesn’t she “stay the course” and achieve victory? Didn’t she learn that in the Navy? Oh wait, we can’t talk bad about her because the individuals that were victims of her negligence were refu-, I mean nigg-, I mean Americans?!?!?! These things happened on American soil. I guess we are far-sighted.

This is more than a double standard. It’s a Dubya Standard. And we all know what those are worth.


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