New ‘Apprentice’ winner Randall Pinkett

If you haven’t heard, Randall Pinkett, 34, beat out 17 other contestants to become Donald Trump’s Apprentice. Randall has five degress from among Rutgers, Oxford, and MIT. He has created five companies and is by most people’s accounts, extremely successful with a lot more potential. And he’s Black.

And that is why I wanted to comment on the racial overtones of the season finale and the implications of Trump’s decision. I went to Black America Web to read their analysis of what happened. For starters, I was dismayed at the opening line which read, “In besting fellow finalist Rebecca Jarvis, Pinkett puts to rest the question many have asked since the show’s premier season: Would Trump ever “hire” a black apprentice?” What upset me about this comment was that for someone who doesn’t even watch the show, I knew that Randall was going to win several weeks ago, just based on his background and his performance in the tasks given to him (perfect record as a project manager and won the final mission). I think many people knew that Donald Trump had no choice but to choose Randall as the winner and I believe that many wealthy individuals like Mr. Trump don’t give a care about your skin color IF they know that based on your track record, you will help increase profits. And for my Black people, we as individuals and as a collective destroy this notion of being chosen.

Just think back to Paul Robeson (a true Superspade and alum of Rutgers like Randall, how ironic) was Phi Beta Kappa, senior honor society member and valedictorian of his senior class. Rutgers University had no choice but to make him a Phi Beta Kappa and valedictorian. And my point is that when you strive for and achieve excellence, the only person who can “choose” your destiny is you. Now keep this in perspective, Randall already has five businesses whose revenue is about to explode due to his exposure on the Apprentice so in laymen’s terms, Trump didn’t choose Randall, Randall chose Trump.

In related news, the finale was underwhelming because after hiring Randall, Trump asked Randall if he thought that he should hire Rebecca, (his opponent) as well. Randall quipped, “Mr. Trump, I firmly believe that this is ‘The Apprentice,’ that there is one and only one apprentice, and if you’re going to hire someone tonight, it should be one. “It’s not ‘The Apprenti,’ it’s ‘The Apprentice.’” The MSNBC article I read painted Randall in a horrible light by saying the “audience booed, feeling as betrayed as Rebecca must have, and as Randal jogged to the end of the stage to wave at the crowd, he was facing a group that had lost some of their respect for him; their clapping and cheering was subdued, and boos were still audible.” I should point out that Rebecca is White but aside from that, put yourself in Randall’s shoes, who loves ties? Imagine the World Series where the Red Sox and the Yankees duel to the seventh and final game, and the Yankees win by one point. Then the commissioner comes out and asks the Yankee team, “Do you guys want to split the pennant with the Red Sox?” There would be riots everywhere but the fact is, that is not fair to the team that won. And the same logic holds true for Randall Pinkett. And I readily admit that because Trump had no choice, he had to find some way to spice up the season finale’ but this was not the most clever thing he or his producers could have come up with.

Nevertheless, Randall Pinkett represents neither all or none of Black America. And he is not an anomaly. There is a sizable amount of Black men and women who have reached similar heights of success in all factors of our society. Superspades are everywhere and it is too bad that America has to wait until some television show to help break down racial stereotypes. Maybe they should start reading our blog.

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2 responses to “New ‘Apprentice’ winner Randall Pinkett”

  1. Clarence says :

    I appreciate this blog brandon. I was kinda ticked when i read the msnbc article myself. Where was this willingness to hire two people in the first season, when kwame was dismissed as a very qualified candidate?

  2. Anonymous says :

    During the finale of the first Apprentice, Trump asked Kwame who he should hire, between him and his opponent. His politically correct ‘we are both strong’ answer was one of the reasons he lost, in my opinion. I see Randall’s answers as not making the same mistake. I would not, however, call this a ‘new’ Trump tactic.

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