Brokeback Mountain censorship

So last night I saw King Kong and I thought it was one of the best big budget movies this year. It felt like more of a summer blockbuster but with all of the crappy movies released this year, I suppose you have to take what you can get. Nevertheless, I really wanted to see Brokeback Mountain, the critically acclaimed movie about two gay cowboys. Unfortunately, it was only showing at one theatre in the entire state of Michigan during the week it was (at least I thought) to be released nation wide. So after seeing King Kong, I asked customer service why they were not showing Brokeback Mountain and the lady informed me that Brokeback Mountain was only released in 69 theatres nation wide, but the movie should be showing sometime in January.

I was furious because I tried to figure out why there were no more theatres willing to show the movie. I first thought of the conservative conspiracy to stifle widespread acceptance of gay people. I then thought of the careful and deliberate marketing campaign of director Ang Lee to slowly let his work seep its way into American theatres. And then I thought about how people conveniently find their religion/morals around the holidays. My point is that it is so funny how people covet the belongings of their neighbor, tell white lies, disrespect their parents (think about how many people you know who dread the thought of taking care of their parents when they are too old to take care of themselves), have extra-marital affairs; and all of these things and more are socially tolerable within the mainstream Christian faith, but once homosexuality comes up, so many people are ready to yell “Crucify him!” Last time I checked, if we assume that homosexuality is indeed a sin and God looks at all sin the same (obviously, capital punishment is a little tricky), what makes homosexuality number one on many conservative’s top ten sin list? And why can people not volunteer their time and money to help the poor but will write manifestos on how homosexuality is destroying American culture? Here’s my advice to all of the people who can’t handle a mainstream gay movie, no one is putting a gun to your head to make you see it. But if you dont’ want to judge people by their particular faults as you may see it, check out the movie because for all the 69s I know Americans are guilty of, Brokeback Mountain should have been released in more than 69 theatres,

Stay up fam,




2 responses to “Brokeback Mountain censorship”

  1. Warfield says :

    Good point, B. I’ve been trying to find the time to write my pro-sexuality/anti-ChristianSexualityRhetoric essay (read: rant) for a while now, but school keeps getting in the way. I agree, though, and I especially want to touch upon it in the Black community. We’re so quick to liberal when it comes to politics, but we become (nauseatingly) staunchly conservative when you so much as BREATHE on our religious beliefs. What if “Brokeback Mountain” was a Spike Lee joint and featured two Black factory workers? Or teachers? Music industry moguls? Or ‘Gangstalicious’-style rappers? The maelstrom would be ridiculous.

    Didn’t the Bible say ‘Judge not, least ye be judged,’ or something along those lines? I wish Americans would get out of everyone else’s closet and clean the skeletons out of their own.

  2. Brandon Q. says :

    Thanks for looking out Kyle. I think that if Brokeback was a Spike Lee joint, then there would be legislation by the CBC banning the movie, citing that it might cause riots in churches. But we as a people have to realize that we are all minorities in this game of life so just focus on what you have to do to make it better.

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