Bush authorized spying without warrants

Did someone change my last name to Bush this week? They must have because after the September 11 attacks, Big Brother Bush authorized secret spying on Americans and suspected terrorists without obtaining a court warrant. Let me first say how disappointed I am in the New York Times for sitting on this story for this long. Lest we forget about Judy Miller and her unreasonable coziness with advocating the Administration’s rationale for war, this spying story goes to show how much the freedom of the press is in shackles. What’s worse is that the NYT claimed that they were withholding the story because of national security concerns. This makes no sense at all because the story did not name any of the suspects that the US was spying on. Therefore, the secret warrants issued by the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court was too cumbersome for the Administration and the National Security Agency needed to circumvent the lag time of getting warrants and focus on catching terrorists.

I hate to say this ladies and gentlemen, but the more the country is willing to excuse itself of constitutionally protected rights, the more we show how effective the terrorists were in changing the American way of life. Just listen to an excerpt of Bush’s speech when he said that “he acted in the aftermath of the September 11 attacks because the United States had failed to detect communications that might have tipped it off to the plot.” Forgive my fuzzy memory but wasn’t there some Presidential Daily Briefing on August 6, 2001 that was entitled, Bin Laden Determined to Strike in US? But that aside, what is really making me mad about this war debate is Bush now insisting that if we leave, Iraq will become a headquarters for terrorists to use against the United States. Well last time I checked, there were about 1 billion Muslims in the world and while I know not all of them are terrorists, if were to assume that one half one percent were indeed radical terrorists, that gives us about 500,000 people who are spread across the entire world. And what’s more important is that if the terrorists didn’t need Iraq before 9/11 what makes the US think that the terrorists need Iraq now? This so-called war cannot be fought using conventional tactics of war. The first rule (according to my book) of war is to understand the goals and motivations of your enemy. And the US has yet to demonstrate that we understand their goals and if the government does understand, they are too stubborn to re-examine our international policies that will weaken the support that terrorists currently receive.

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