Mini battles for Women’s Rights

The other day while I was at a social event with some of my co-workers, I was about to leave early from the event when one of my co-workers proclaimed loudly (and I am paraphrasing), “He must be leaving early to go get a booty call!” Now his wife was there and I was thinking to myself, “Wow, this guy has a lot of nerve talking like that, especially in front of his wife and other women” Anyways, there was about twenty of us there and most everyone started to boo and hiss, anxious to see how I would respond to this accusation. And then I smiled politely and said, “Well actually, I don’t use that type of terminology because it is degrading to women.” The women went wild and the guys booed me down claiming that I was on “their” side.

I had couple observations about this situation. First of all, I never told anyone where I was going so how is it that we make this huge jump that this must mean a booty call? And while there was alcohol and no harm was meant, why can men get away with so many chauvinistic remarks? Then I thought about all the guys that were there laughing, who were probably thinking the same thing but didn’t have the gall to say, “Hey man, those types of jokes are not funny and they are disrespectful to women.” I get mad at men who are pre-programmed to laugh at jokes that degrade women and I get even more upset when the ones have a little sense don’t stand up for what’s right.

So here’s a little advice for guys that want to do the right thing but choose not to. Sticking up for women’s rights doesn’t make you a feminist and neither does it make you gay. Jokes that degrade women are not funny and the only require ignorance and disrespect; no wit necessary. Think about if all of those jokes were focused solely on a woman in your family, namely your mother or sister. Not too funny now is it? And if you try to exclude your family, then you are sadly mistaken because whatever woman you are degrading is someone’s sister, daughter, wife, etc. Lead a life of character and make decisions to do the right thing even when you might be the outcast. Noah was a freaking outcast and look what happened to the people who sneered at him.

And speaking out doesn’t mean you are an expert on women’s rights or that you never have disrespected women, it just means that you are a man of integrity who is willing to confront ignorance, the plague that people are afraid to be diagnosed with. When a doctor gives you a shot, it only hurts for a second, but it will help protect you for a lifetime. Be that doctor because you are always on call….

Stay up fam,


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