Personal upkeep/hygiene help for the fellas

What’s up fam, I was talking to a nephew of mine about hygiene and he is pretty much on point. But a lot of us are not holding it down in this department. And hygiene is bigger than looking right for the ladies because it also major affects as you traverse the workplace. So whether you are Scruff McGruff or consider yourself metrosexual, please look over this list and add comments as you see fit. And ladies please, help us out if you have any suggestions.

Fellas, we are too old to be having boo boo stains in our underwear. And if the only time your butt feels clean is when get out the shower, you have a problem. But it’s OK. Get some wet wipes and keep some on you and keep a pack at the house. And think about how much little time you spend wiping your butt. Sorry fellas, I had to take it there.

Black belt = Black shoes and Brown belt = Brown shoes. And matching socks never hurt anybody either.

I know you have heard the ladies talk about how much they love LL Cool J’s lips right? You are not him. Stop licking your lips all the time and get some Chapstick, Burt’s Bees Wax, Carmex, or something. When you lick your lips all the time trying to be cool or what not (especially if its cold), they are more susceptible to getting chapped and that is unacceptable. Period. This advice will help you from looking like a crack head and it will help the ladies know you take care of yourself.

Clip your hang nail. Just glance at your hands right now. If you have hang nail that is growing sideways, clip it off. And if you keep a small nail clipper on you, you won’t have to wait until you get home to take care of your situation

Just because you don’t stains in your jeans, doesn’t mean you shouldn’t wash them. Keep it real, when was the last time you either washed/dry-cleaned your jeans? My point exactly.

Women still pay attention to your shoes, so keep them looking decent. By decent, I don’t the most expensive, but if you bought white gym shoes and they look like you have been playing in the mud, it’s time for some new ones. And as for dress shoes, try to keep them shined up. You should either take them to the shoe shine parlor if you can and if you can’t do that, keep a little shoe shine kit at the house. (this kit usually includes shoe polish (brown or black), a brush, and a shine rag)

Assuming you wash your hands after you use the bathroom, then you know your hands end up looking ashy when you’re done. So keep a small bottle of lotion so the ladies don’t think you don’t use lotion.

Just because you have a close cut doesn’t mean you don’t need to wash your hair/scalp.

Learn how to blouse your dress shirts such that after you lift your arms, you are not looking sloppy.

There is nothing wrong with investing in nice cologne but know that you should pay attention to the type of soap you are using because every product you use (i.e. soap, aftershave, hair grease, etc.) work together to produce the scent that people ultimately smell. So be careful and if you are not sure, ask a woman who won’t lie to you.

Stay up fam,


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4 responses to “Personal upkeep/hygiene help for the fellas”

  1. Y says :

    Wow Brandon, you really did go there. Funny post, but how about not only looking good & being clean for the ladies, why not just be clean and look good for self. Make sure that there is small distribution of cologne, aftershave etc. Too much will give this woman a headache 🙂
    Make sure lotion is not only on the hands but on the face,there is nothing like a polished man. Well groomed & well dressed and you won’t go wrong.
    Take care men!

  2. Free says :

    A brother teaching brothers. That’s the way to do it. I once fell in love with a man who was wearing Fahrenheit cologne (he never knew it! lol) & there’s nothing more beautiful than a brother looking & smelling good.

  3. Anonymous says :

    In addition to keeping it fresh and clean physically, it is also important to maintain cleanliness of the soul by having God present in your life at all times, through what you do, what you say, and how you interact with others…there is nothing more pure than to have that presence in your life.

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