Blacks and the Israeli-Palestinian conflict

The Middle East is going to be the center of world attention for many years to come. And if you think that what happens in the Middle East doesn’t affect you, think again. So as we witness the victory of Hamas in Palestinian elections, along with the war in Iraq and the brewing battle over Iran’s nuclear program, what will history say about where Black people stood during these tumultuous times?

And although we could break down every conflict in the Middle East, no situation is more controversial than the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. So my question is simple but the issue is complex.

Where do you stand in the whole Israeli-Palestinian conflict? Should Black people have a natural bias towards either group? Is it any of our business?

I have heard some say that Palestinians are victims of Israeli aggression in much the same way Black Americans suffered under slavery and segregation. Likewise I have heard some say that Blacks have a natural bias towards Jews/Israel due to the support Jews they showed Blacks before and during the Civil Rights movement.

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3 responses to “Blacks and the Israeli-Palestinian conflict”

  1. Dumi says :

    Ultimately I think the “allegiances” that one may feel could be divided along international and domestic lines. Internationaly- My tendency is to lean in support of Palestine. Because occupation and oppression are two things that “rub me the wrong way” to put it lightly. On the Domestic side- I do recognize the persecution of Jews across the globe and the alliances that this persecution formed in the US between Black and Jews (particularly in the South). But that does not negate a number of contemporary areas where the Black/Jewish bond has not been too strong- to put it lightly. The relationship, if I dare make a wild guess/claim, varies by region. Just my two thoughts.

  2. t.HYPE says :

    Hmmm. Brandon, you seem to lean toward Bishop Desmond Tutu’s view of the issue. You can read snippets here.

    There’s an Israeli/Palestian group of Jews, Christians and Muslims coming to Nashvegas next week. If I get a chance, I’ll see what they think about it and let you know. Bishop Tutu’s daughter Naomi will be speaking to them during their stay.

  3. Garlin II says :

    We would very much appreciate your feedback and reactions to Bishop Tutu’s daughter’s remarks on this topic! Please comment after the event.

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