Bush warned of levees breaching in New Orleans

As if this is any surprise, Bush was warned by an expert expressing “grave concerns about the ability of the levees to withstand the hurricane. They also show that the President asked no questions.” I really wonder about Bush sometimes because this lack of inquisitiveness when people’s lives are on the line reminds me of Bush being warned of the 9/11 attacks and just sitting there. Get up man, you can read that children’s book later!

Now of course, the levees were a major issue way before Katrina, but when will the media/public start taking Bush to task for all his lies? Initially, Bush said, “I don’t think anybody anticipated the breach of the levees.” We now know that was a lie, not that I expected anything different. But my problem is that Bush is too comfortable in his ignorance.

But rather than rant on Bush, I think the blogs will come to rival newspapers as a main source of historical analysis. With that said, sometimes, it is better to report the facts (that are verifiable) rather than waste time writing a snazzy opinion piece about the facts.

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One response to “Bush warned of levees breaching in New Orleans”

  1. The Blog says :

    This isn’t really a surprise to me. I’m pretty sure he was warned about it just like he was warned about Sept. 11th, but I don’t want to bring up old news.
    Anyways, part of the problem with this administration is the lack of concern for problems happening within our own borders. Bush has practically waged this war against an enemy we can’t fight (because we are really fighting an ideal) and basically focused all of his attention of foreign affairs and policy. Which is pretty interesting because in 2000 when he was running he said he was going to stay out of foreign affairs. Basically B.S. because he’s been in every other country’s business but his own. So we suffer in turn. At this point nothing this administration does surprises me. It’s all about money with these jokers when it comes down to it. And the fact is they would rather waste their money on a worthless and pointless war effort than saving blacks from a hurricane in this country. I used to laugh when Kayne West said “George Bush doesn’t care about black people” but now I’m starting to believe it.

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