When White people say Black

I like to think of myself as pretty affable but one thing that burns me is when I hear White people use the term, Black to refer to African Americans. For me, I think the use of that term by Whites should be as nearly prohibited as using the term nigga. Now I personally define myself as Black and use this term to talk about members of the Diaspora. However, when White people use this term, the hair on the back of my neck rises. And for as misleading that I think the term African-American is, I feel relieved when White people use it.

What do you think?

Stay up fam,



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64 responses to “When White people say Black”

  1. Anonymous says :

    Let me agree with you on one point…I do refer to myself and other Black people as Black, and not African-American. Mainly because I’m not from Africa, I’m from America. Not that I don’t identify with my African roots, but I wouldn’t exactly say I’m physically from Africa and neither are my parents. What’s more, I’ve never even been there! White people don’t refer to themselves as European American, so why should I be forced to identify myself with a continent I’ve never even been to? African American would mean that I was a citizen of Africa, and at some point I made the decision to live in America and change my citizenship…so I’M Black.

    As for white people calling me Black, I really don’t have a problem with that. It’s HOW they say Black that gets me, though. I wish I had a sound byte of a white person saying “Black”! You can always tell they’re either not comfortable saying it, or they’re too comfortable saying it and are 1 step away from saying nigga, but were just being nice for the moment.

    In the end, I guess it’s just a case of personal preference, though. As long as they don’t call me a nigga, I’m cool.

  2. ms mimi the mocha soulchild says :

    I used to hear some older Black people refer to themselves as “colored” and never understood why. I do now.

    I know in theory, and in rhetoric why we call ourselves “African-American”, but to be honest, I hate that term. I don’t hate the premise: that we should formally acknowledge ourselves as a people in transition with socio-cultural roots in the motherland that transcended slavery.

    But I hate, hate (did I say hate?) the way the words sound, the way it looks, even the way they feel going down the ear. And I REALLY hate the way white people sound when they say “African-American”. It is painful. It almost sounds like a surgical procedure. I hate the way white people say hold it uncomfortably in their mouths like they are chewing glass.

    I hate it because instead of being a term of self love and definition, for most of us it is a qualifier– a way to show white America who we really are. It doesn’t help. If they don’t get who we are from our lives what we call ourselves won’t make them get it.

    I prefer Black. I never call my 98 year old cousin “African-American”. I never sit around with my friends and marinate on the philosophy of “being African-American.” I never look at myself in the mirror and think about how “African American” my nose or my lips or my hips look. And I never talk about the plight of “African-American” people. The only time I use the word African-American is to speak to an audience: namely while folks, and for me, because it feels inauthentic when I use it feels worse when they do.

    Despite the obvious contradictions, I almost think that the closest organic term that I’ve heard use was when Sister Souljah refers to herself unabashedly as “African” in her memoir “No Disrespect”. At least it is said with love.

    The only thing I hate more is the when people of all races, particularly non-blacks use the word “nigga” like it is a trend. I don’t care how much hip-hop you listen to, I don’t care if you grew up in the deepest, dirtiest, most gully part of the south, or in Bronx, or in deep West Oakland. I don’t care if your mama smoked weed with Bobby Seale, or if your daddy played with Miles Davis, or of your sister slept with Tupac. I don’t care if you eat collard greens and grits, and put syrup on your hotsauce, and can drop it like it is hot, I don’t care if you grew up so poor that you ate cheese and span sandwiches, or if you grew up in black suburbia. I don’t care if you married a black girl and have five black kids named Tariq and Shaton, or if you put Luster curl in your hair, or if your great grandmother was a slave or an indentured servant, crossed the ocean on an ocean liner or on an inner tube, it is never, ever, ever, cool for anybody to call me that, period.

  3. Mo says :

    It bothers me when Whites say Black and have no knowledge of the Diaspora. African-American does not bother me because I know I have roots from Africa(If ya’ll don’t know your herstory you should invest in some family research) I mainly identify with my African history yet, I was born in America. Since I don’t feel properly incorporated (not assimilated) into American society then I honestly feel less American. I like Black because I feel it is empowering but I don’t think (I could be wrong) many Whites are aware of this so sometimes if bothers me. I feel like it is used just to separate you from me.

  4. t.HYPE says :

    RAAHHAAAA!!! ms. mimi you are on another level!

    It’s funny because like you guys said, I most definitely think of myself as black – not African American. “Black” is a unifier. I share a common experience with Africans who were born in Europe, the carribean, South American or Austrailia. We are all “black” we are descendents of the Motherland, not residents.

    I never really thought about how it sounds for white people to call us black until you mentioned it. It does usually come off weird unless they’re “down.” And by that I mean, unless they have the same understanding of the unifying experience I just mentioned, they usually either feel uncomfortable saying it or as anon pointed out, are just using it as a sub for nigger [because they know its use is politically incorrect]. “African-American” is cumbersome for white folks ’cause they don’t think we’re African any more than we do ourselves.

    Besides, is a South African Boer who gets American citizenship now African-American? Um, yeah. So why don’t we just use black to describe our people so we know who we’re talking about? I saw a dude get an African-American scholarship that way and it made me kind of mad.

  5. an says :

    i have a question why is it ok for black people to call white people white trash honky cracker and what ever racial names for white people but if a white person says the n word or any racial word refering to a minority it turns into ww3 im white and im not raciest the least bit and i would never use racial word to hurt somebody andi dont think its ok for anybody to use racial words towards anyone else

  6. Fred says :

    I have to admit, I’m white and just randomly stumbled across this site. This conversation is slightly confusing – some of you guys say whites using the term ‘African-American’ is offensive, others that saying ‘black’ is offensive. Others say whites seem overly self-conscious, no matter what term they use. Is it any wonder they feel slightly self-conscious, if they’re going to offend people no matter how they express themselves?

    By the way, by your logic, isn’t it also offensive for black people to call white people ‘white’? Shouldn’t you use the term European-American or Caucasian?

    Apart from being white, I’m also from the UK – we don’t have the same hangups you guys have in the States. You Yanks are all the same (whatever race) – you turn tiny things into a huge deal. You need to chill out. Who cares what someone calls you? If someones racist, it’s obvious and they deserve to get a smack. If someones not racist, and you get offended because they call you black, you need to get a life.

  7. A Train says :

    I came across this trying to find out why people are so focused race. What is so offensive about trying categorize the way people look. It is a fact that we all look different, so fucking what! there are good people and bad people; people pale as snow and dark as night; people with intellect of a button mushroom and others who are as smart as Stephen Hawking! We categorize everything from music to the colors of the rainbow. We do need a way to describe how people look for many reasons and it happens everyday for everybody, so deal with it and get over it! There are much more important things to worry about in the world. We are all here together, and we all share one Mother. EARTH!

  8. Garlin II says :

    Just to throw another wrench in here, I was taken aback while I was in Denver at the DNC08 last week when my cab driver repeatedly referred to Barack Obama a “mulatto”.

    This is a matter of how identity is defined, perceived, and referred to. The first step to getting beyond the hang-ups that I and others have over Black vs. African-American, etc. is to first assert ownership of my own identity. All people and groups have the right to do this, and they should not be hindered from doing so by having [false] definitions placed onto them by others (people who don’t know or understand them, people who marginalize them, the media, etc.).

    Once a definition is established, once can begin to change perceptions, which will lead to a change in how indentiy is referred to and talked about. It’s not a short or simple process, but it’s one worth trudging through.

    One Love. One II.

  9. Brandon Q. says :

    Mimi, you had me crackin up!!!!!!!!!!!!! LOL

  10. Pat says :

    I think it’s dumb when black people say its ok for them to call themselves niggers/niggas but if a white person says it (not necessarily in a derogatory way) it is completely unacceptable. What makes you so special that you’re “allowed” to use that word? I use the word nigga for everyone. I’m white, and I have mostly white friends and I call them niggas all the time. I use it just as I would use the word dude or man. You hear it so much now in rap and tv, that It doesn’t really mean the same thing it used to. I just think this whole thing is dumb. Like the dude said, Yall get offended when we use black, but what about when u use white? How is that not any different? Sometimes I think black people like to complain bout shit cause they are a different color…. who cares, get over it.

  11. Scott says :


  12. Rocky says :

    That’s what you are. Why be mad?

  13. Alex says :

    Why is it politically correct to call “white” people “white” but politically incorrect to call and African American person black? Does that not sound like a double standard?

  14. Pat says :

    I’m tellin you, black people just like to complain about shit that they don’t like about white people. Slavery was over a hundred years ago, get over it. It’s not like you or I had anything to do with slavery, so drop that. I think black people are paranoid that white people are hatin on em.

  15. BrandonIsAnIdiot says :

    I like to think of myself as pretty affable but one thing that burns me is when I hear Black people use the term, White to refer to Anglo-Americans. For me, I think the use of that term by Blacks should be as nearly prohibited as using the term cracka. Now I personally define myself as White and use this term to talk about other Whites. However, when Black people use this term, the hair on the back of my neck rises. And for as misleading that I think the term Anglo-American is, I feel relieved when Black people use it.

    What do you think?

    Take Care,


  16. BrandonIsAnIdiot says :

    Honestly, quit whining….Look how stupid the above posts sounds. That’s what you sound like.

  17. taylor says :

    its easy for you to say get over it but your family wasnt in slavey and a new study show that 40% are white people dont like us black people and we did nothing to yall not to like us

  18. disagree says :

    Taylor…..First off, I didnt put your family into slavery and neither did anyone living today. But if I went by your logic, I could say that I’m going to hold a grudge against all black people just because a black guy killed my great aunt. That would be riduculous. I know that you were not the reason for that and even if your grandfather was the one who did it, I would still not expect anything from you.
    Second, I think your 40% figure is way off (please point me to this study). Regardless I’d be willing to wager that the number of black people that “do not like” white people is much higher than the number of whites that “don’t like” blacks.

  19. Agree w/above post says :

    I couldn’t possibly agree with the above post any more. If I hear about how people’s ANCESTORS were slaves and that somehow entitles them to pity, money, respect or anything else I’m going to scream. My ancestors were wronged over in England, and then they had to come here to try to free themselves from the tyranny and they had to fight a bloody war for their freedom. So, I think the Brittish owe me something!!! I don’t care if it was 500 years ago! Sound ridiculous? YES
    Slavery was terrible, dispicable, none of us can even think about it without wanting to hurl because it is so disgusting and unthinkable. I cannot believe there is a human being left in this country that would actually defend slavery, and if they do they need to die immediately. But stop acting like it just happened yesterday!

    Also, I notice no one addresses the complete dichotomy of black people saying white people can’t call them black, they have to use the term “African American” (because my great great great grandma and grandpa were slaves!) but they can call white people White. I have never laughed so hard as when I heard Brendan retype your post only switching white for black. Just shows the hypocrisy so clearly.
    Everyone get a life, and stop hating on America. It can’t be that bad if you still choose to live here.

  20. Sorry says :

    I gotta say, I posted the above and felt bad after posting it because I think I’m doing exactly what I was upset with the original poster for doing. I found this website because I was googling “Why black people continue to use the N word.” It’s something that I don’t understand because it is so completely polarizing (I don’t think black people would like it if white people had a word they could use to call their friends, and told black people they couldn’t use it). When I read the original post and the majority of the responses, I was very upset because it was so utterly ridiculous. Half were saying white people shouldn’t call them black, the other half were saying white people shouldn’t call them African American, and then making fun of white people for sounding awkward when they say it. I know someone else posted saying “it’s no wonder white people feel awkward or self-conscious considering no matter what they say they’re going to offend someone.” This country is so polarized when it comes to blacks and whites, democrats or republicans, religion, etc. It’s exceedingly tiresome. I don’t think Martin Luther King, Jr. was fighting to polarize the country more – he was fighting to bring people together. Some quotes from Martin Luther King, Jr.:
    “Our loyalties must transcend our race, our tribe, our class, and our nation; and this means we must develop a world perspective.”

    “Nonviolence is the answer to the crucial political and moral questions of our time; the need for mankind to overcome oppression and violence without resorting to oppression and violence. Mankind must evolve for all human conflict a method which rejects revenge, aggression, and retaliation. The foundation of such a method is love. ”
    Making fun of white people, being hyper-critical of whatever polically correct term they choose to describe your race, and using words that you assert they themselves cannot use does not seem loving, it seems very much like retaliation.

    “Peace is not merely a distant goal that we seek, but a means by which we arrive at that goal.”

    “Darkness cannot drive out darkness; only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate; only love can do that.”
    So many black people seem to openly hate white people, and everyone else is somehow ok with that. Why?

    “Have we not come to such an impasse in the modern world that we must love our enemies – or else? The chain reaction of evil – hate begetting hate, wars producing more wars – must be broken, or else we shall be plunged into the dark abyss of annihilation.”
    This is what I see – hate begot hate. White people used to hate black people, now in response black people have decided they hate white people.

    “He who passively accepts evil is as much involved in it as he who helps to perpetrate it. He who accepts evil without protesting against it is really cooperating with it.”
    I think even the black people who do not themselves hate white people do not speak out against those that do. That is the same as passively accepting evil.

    I know that we all have the utmost respect for Martin Luther King, Jr., and I can only imagine how much more respect those who enjoy equal rights at the fruit of his labor would feel for him. Why, then, do I see so many black people who openly hate white people? Why perpetuate the polarization by calling white people “whtie” but demanding they call you “African American”? For all you know they could have closer ancestral ties to whatever nation they come from than you do! I do not see that Martin Luther King Jr. envisioning a nation where those that he worked so hard to free turn around and practice hatred toward those whose ancestors once enslaved them. What Martin Luther King, Jr. was striving for was peace and love, and I don’t understand why we all can’t have that same goal?

    My apologies if I offended anyone by calling them black, but if you are offended – you may want to ask where your priorities lie, because that is entirely making a mountain out of a mole hill.

  21. me says :

    you know, its funny to me black people always cry racism but they are the most racist. all these rules that white people cant do cant say, this is america people we can say whatever we want, if u dont like it leave. if your going to be so childish to let a single word piss u off then u dont belong here. we have the freedom of speech, this is america incase u forgot. and white people saying nigga is no different from black people saying cracker. and you all use that word dont deny it. so stop bitching and live with it or move. just stop complaining, your ancestors respected white people way more than you. not once have i met an elderly black person who is rude or racist. so grow up people.

  22. Brandon Q. says :

    Good morning me,

    Tell me how you really feel. I find it really tragic when any group of people in America feel they have the right to tell another group to leave. Last I checked, Africans were sort of forced to come to America and helped to build this country so I am not going anywhere. Two, words matter. I don’t know your background but I am sure there is a word that you prefer people not call you. I am all for free speech and I agree that white people saying nigga should be frowned upon as Black people saying cracker.

    Plus, where do you get off saying, “you all?” Have you met every Black person in America in order to put is in a group as such?

    Here is what I propose “me,” we should talk on the phone to see if we can find some common ground for positive action. My number is 248-763-3385.


  23. AMERICANhaterd says :


  24. Pat says :

    Oh, so when were you a slave?

  25. Wow says :

    The post by American Haterd is proof positive why sites like these are extremely dangerous. There shouldn’t be sites exclusively for black people just like there shouldn’t be sites exclusively for white people, because all it does is breed more hatred. Having a website with the theme “black thought at the highest level” only promotes racism. How would you feel about a website called “white thought at the highest level”?

  26. Miko says :

    “I like to think of myself as pretty affable but one thing that burns me is when I hear White people use the term, Black to refer to African Americans.”

    LOL. Double standard within one sentence.
    “I hate the way white people say hold it uncomfortably in their mouths like they are chewing glass. ”

    I’m sorry you don’t approve of the way white people speak. Should public schools teach Ebonics instead of English.


    “As for white people calling me Black, I really don’t have a problem with that. It’s HOW they say Black that gets me, though. I wish I had a sound byte of a white person saying “Black”! You can always tell they’re either not comfortable saying it, or they’re too comfortable saying it and are 1 step away from saying nigga, but were just being nice for the moment.”

    Your generalizing white people. Which is the first card most black people that I have seen on a thread like this will throw if a white person makes any kind of argument….along with calling them a racist.


    “I like Black because I feel it is empowering but I don’t think (I could be wrong) many Whites are aware of this so sometimes if bothers me. ”

    Hahaha….I don’t like when black people call me white because I don’t know that they know it empowers my white ego….Do you want me to powder your ass when you get your diaper changed crybaby?


    The amusement never ends. I think everyone is forgetting that its a free country(At least to speak). I can call you whatever I want whenever I want as well as you can do the same. I just think its pretty funny that the slavery thing gets brought up over and over again. Every race on this earth has been enslaved or practiced slavery at one point in history. Not to mention it was white people that freed the slaves and about half a million of them died for it. I think about all the men and boys that starved to death in southern prison camps to free blacks so they could bitch and bicker about a white person referring to them as African-American or Black. I have a good identity for the people that posted above since they can’t figure it out on their own…….Morons.

  27. Juju says :

    Im from England and here its more prefered for black people to be called black other then coloured. but the way you talk above you guys being a bit racist bout the whole black and white thing does it matter wat colour we are black white yellow green purple we are all humans. why do we all have to be seperated for what skin tone we got!!! FIX UP PEOPLE black and white uniteeee !!!

    From an arab girl who lives in england

  28. White Moma says :

    I expect you to call me white – even when you’re complaining about ill treatment by my racial group and I expect to call you black. Simple – quick and easy identifiers for who we’re talking about. Of course it doesn’t tell the whole story about a person. It’s just a basic information identifier.

  29. Billione says :

    The way I see it, in America, Black is a racial identity based on a cultural identity that has grown out of the history of America. When we refer to Black in terms of the diaspora, I am not sure we use it in the same sense as we do for American Blacks, a different use of the word. African American refers to an ethnicity that does not suggest where we have visited, Where we are from, or where we were born. It mean that our origin is likely that of the continent of Africa by way of America. I find it interesting that some of us feel more comfortable calling each other niggas and bitches than African American when being so has more to do with who we are than niggas and bitches do.

  30. Billione says :

    Me, I like your comment “if your going to be so childish to let a single word piss u off then u dont belong here.” I have one word for you.


    Live long enough and you will come to see how off base you really are. You cannot identify the world based on the small piece of you inhabit. When you do, there is another word for that.


    If you let those words piss you off, take your own advice.

  31. Alias says :

    Wow. That ‘s the word that comes to mind after reading some of these comments. So now white people feel they can use the word nigger when ever they feel like it because they heard a rap artist say it. Interesting. Why is it that that black people often can have more tact with offensive remarks than whites?

    I’m black and I once worked with a white guy who was of Irish descent. Every friday he would always say that he was going to get drunk over the weekend. After a while he just started saying I’m Irish that’s what we do. He said that more times than I can remember but you know what, I am not going to go up to an Irish person and repeat such a thing to them. I know better. But yet I see “Pat” and other whites making comments here are showing they are unable to exercise the same judgement. But hey that is their right. Like someone said this is a free country. So my advice to all of you who feel this way is to continue to do what your doing. Since you feel so comfortable why not roll up on random “groups” of black people and call them “nigger.”

    Since you have a right to freedom of expression, they also have a right to respond to that expression with their own.

    Have fun.

  32. Alias says :

    One more thing. This is to the large number of white people who have posted comments here. I am a black man and I do not hate white people. I just thought I ‘d put that out there because apparently racism is only projected by black people now.

    I guess I just imagined when I traveled to “places of diversity” and heard whites yell from their car calling me a nigger as they sped away.

    Or white females grabbing their purses and running across the street upon seeing me walking when I wasn’t even looking in their direction.

    Or whites that I encounter who for some reason want to tell me a story about a negative encounter they had with a black person and than tell me they hate everyone equally so they are not racist.

    But don’t get it wrong though, I am not angered by your comments. I had to take a second to stop laughing before posting. This is bad comedy that makes you laugh.


  33. Brian says :

    First off, I’m a white guy. My family is from Italy and Scotland. But I don’t demand people to call me Italian-American all the time.

    I agree, it’s important to have pride in your ethnicity and culture. But I do think the black community takes it a little too far sometimes.

    I’m 28 and have lived in NJ my whole life. I have friends of every ethnicity on the planet. It’s no big deal. There’s no hate. It’s 2009. People my age couldn’t care less about race.

    Stop segregating yourselves with threads like this one. There is no “white conspiracy”. White people don’t hate you. For every 1 white racist, there are 999,999 white people who aren’t racist.

    The reason some white people stumble with the term “african american” isn’t because we want to say the N word… It’s because we don’t want to offend you, and we don’t know who likes to be called what. The whole political correctness stuff is just nuts for us.

    If your african-american, you’re a black guy. Just like I’m a white guy. Can’t we all just get along??? Stop trying to be “Black Americans”, and just be Americans.

  34. Billione says :

    @ Brian. I wish I could say I see where you are coming from. Things should be the way that you described, but unfortunately, things are not black and white. (No pun intended,)

    I will simply share with you something James Baldwin said many years before you and I was born. It’s not verbatim, but this is the sentiment. He said I don’t know if America is racists, but I know that my living conditions are poor, or that the institutions over look me, and that don’t have what they have.

    No one knows (but white people) if they are in deed racist, but if you look at the way some people in this country are treated, it sure looks that way.

    I applaud people who want to do away with racism and hatred, but the worst racist or hater is the one who thinks he isn’t.

  35. Ashley says :

    I personally am half black and half white and you know what have you ever thought about the fact that you are saying white people? How is that any different than people saying black?

  36. Billione says :

    There is so much going on in these comments so take what you will.

    @Ashley who/what are you refrencing?

    Others: I operate with this in mind…

    My race is Black, this means that I am an American my citizenship. Black means a great number of things depending on who is saying it and why.

    My ethnicity is African American., this means that though I have an AMerican identity, it is only as a result of possibly being a displaced African. To say you are not African and never benn to Africa, or any variation thereof seems to me like say that though my 400 year old bone China plates and bowls are on my American table it is not longer China.

  37. Chris says :

    Heres the real truth (im white btw).
    Its fair that black young ancestors can appreciate the trouble their grandparents went through, but at the same time they should not even think of blaming any white people or this generation because of that not.
    Listen, i have a friend thats black and we discuss so many racial subjects with ease. For instance, i say that i dont find black girls attractive (vica versa for him) and we both say that we would get on better with a girl from our own race cos of the cultural similarities.
    But, for god sake only refer to another race like ‘white people’ only when you have to and dont re-phrase it like whites. Because i uphold the same rule with respect, referring to other races saying ‘black people’ not slang like black folk or blackies, so dont you dare refer to people in some slangy fashion.

  38. Billione says :

    @Chris. Thank you for reaching out and trying to bring light to something that is clearly a sensitive subject. However, you have convinced me to make this my last comment on the subject because my knowledge and ability to show you how your opinion misses the mark is limited.

    I will sum it up by saying that some, if not most, of the responses on this post are not informed. Sometimes, we try to define the world by our limited knowledge and experiences. We should not.

  39. Chris says :

    lol Billone you make no definite point but simply state i have limited knowledge aswell as others. too put it in lamens terms for you, your an idiot .
    only leave comments here if your going to make a good point towards the argument not pointed all towards people in general you homo erectus.

  40. Billione says :

    ACTUALLY Chris, I was being nice and trying NOT to point towards people. My point was not that I have limited knowledge on the argument, but that your comment and knowledge on the argument is so idiotic, remedial, and ignorant that I would have to reach outside of my own knowledge to explain how uninformed and so not on my level you are.

    If your suggestion is to “only leave comments here if your going to make a good point towards the argument” then we would have never seen your comment because you are clearly uninformed and offered anecdotal comments. (You have my permission to look that up.)

  41. Billione says :

    BTW, Chris, you reached for, and made it more personal, and still i respected your comment. You have so much to learn.

  42. Chris says :

    What in hell are you trying to say about my first comment-i want a clear defined comment on what you are criticising about it.
    Plus,billidick you claerly are not smart cos all your answers are vague e.g. ‘reach outside of my own knowledge to explain how uninformed and so not on my level you are’ and your actual point is..wait for it..you are a low level dumbarse that cant communicate his point. Go back to school and learn how to make a critical comment and when you do fulfill this i ‘give you permission to return’.
    p.s. i saw your lame arse page and yourone of those black people who is still using your colour as an excuse for things so you can play the victim- grow up you prick.

  43. Chris says :

    lol reached for what does that mean idiot? so much to learn ahh is that another vague comment. email me on snitch_chris@hotmail.co.uk lets not waste the space on this forum with your comments…i mean vague words

  44. Billione says :


    Break out your dictionary, theasaurs, and so-called intelligence.

    1) You claim to come with “real truth” and prefaced it by letting us know you are white. This is either to express a sense of superiority or proof that you already know you are unqualified for the subject matter. You, sir, should go back to school, not me.

    2) “Its fair that black young ancestors can appreciate the trouble their grandparents went through” You should look up ancestors. What exactly is a black young ancestor? I think you mean descendants.

    3) It is not the white people of today or this generation to blame for the series of events that have led to the situation that racism has become. However, white people today still consistently benefit from the acts of the past. Even white who were not even here at the time but here not benefit as a result of white privilege.

    4) You probably are the only one in your black/white friendship that thinks you discuss racial subjects with ease.

    5) It is OK that you don’t find black women attractive. However, if it is because of a supposed racial superiority, you may be in fact sticking to business as usual a.k.a. racism.

    6) I will refer to white people as “white people” as long as they are white. I have no problem being called black. Your issue may be that when you say black people you may really want to be using another work. You should not be uncomfortable being white to the point that you only want people to use it when they “have to.” You can hold whatever rule you want, but can’t expect others to.

    7) I pray that you grow up. “Reaching for me” means that you are “directing” something toward me. (i.e. your frustrations, insecurities, and misinformation.)

    8) It is quite ambitious of you to request a clear, defined comment on your so-called comment when you didn’t offer one at all.

    9) My answers we vague because they were not totally directed to you, but to all the comments that were made. That was made clear in my first comment. (That you clearly did not read or understand.)

    10) I don’t use “colour” and you spelled it as an excuse or to play the victim. The kind of racism necessary to make me feel like a victim has not been invented yet. On the flipside, you are a victim of your own, limited knowledge. You have to be willing to allow other with different points of view and actual knowledge on the subject to inform you on it. You don’t have to agree, you just have to listen. I think it is irresponsible to ask Black people to do the work of ending racism when racism is clearly a white issue.

    I am so done talking to you Chris. I hope your life is well and prosperous. You are not worth responding to anymore. i think it is clear you are out of your league. (BTW, if the “uk” on your email refers to United Kingdom, what do you really know about racism in America other than the fact that your countrymen are one of the ones who benefited most from the kidnapping, enslavement, and murdering of my ancestors?)

    OK, pumpkin?

  45. Billione says :

    Oh, Chris, as if it wasn’t clear in my last post, I will not be emailing your sorry ass, and if you email me it will constitute harassment.

  46. Chris says :

    haha you pusy runaway, i would consistenly harrass you if i knew your email.
    So how do you know what my friendship is like..?? hmm you dont you idiot.
    i cant believe how idiotic you are, really,truly supid. I will definately show my friends this just to show them how ridiculous you are. Your a classic person who loves to play the victim role, cos thats the only way you can get through life-ohh im a victim of racism help me-no your just a prik. Plus, have you returned from school yet and learnt how not to be vague.
    I feel very sorry for who and what you are (your probably say thats racist you simplist) because you cant achieve anything in life because you hang on to negative things like slavery, you hang in the past not the present, so i feel for you.
    Btw you are the true racist, that uses your colour -black-as an excuse not to move on in life.
    haha btw how old are you, whats your job..cos i go uni and currently own my own website earning 50k a year and you loser?

  47. Brian says :

    Chris. Just shut up, you’re falling into Billione’s trap, and making yourself look like an idiot.

    Billione, I understand your criticisms but fail to see the rationality of quoting a phrase that is older than us. Obviously the remarks are from a different time period.

    I write this with the socratic ignorance of what it is to be black. I will never truly understand because, I’m not black. I keep that thought close whenever conversations like this come up.

    However, I think the real question is, What exactly do you want?” I ask this because I don’t get the sense that you want equality. I get the feeling that you believe you are superior in some regards. Which in itself hides a sliver of racism on your part. What changes do you feel need to be made socially for you to feel satisfied?

    @chris… You don’t think black chics are attractive???? WTF?

  48. Billione says :

    Thank you, Brian. I am not clear as to which phrase you are speaking of “that is older than us.” Which remarks are from a different time period? Was that a question for me? BTW, I didn’t, nor did I need to, set a trap for Chris to look like an idiot. (He did that on his own.)
    Brian, you say the real question is “What exactly do you want?” I am not sure that is the question. I wonder if the question is “How long will it be before racist individuals get out of the way of progress.” You are right; I am not looking for equality. I am looking for fairness.
    The truth is, someone is superior, whether we are talking about race, gender, sexuality, etc. However, no one gets to decide that they are the superior ones and then conspire to have the whole world buy into it, and murder/oppress/marginalize those who refuse.
    For me to feel satisfied people have to admit and take ownership of what we all have done and some continue to do that hinders us as humans. Plainly, we have to admit that we all are oppressors to some group and instead of blaming the respective groups for their oppression. We have to unlearn the culture of racism, prejudice, bigotry, discrimination, homophobia, and sexism.
    Thank you, Brian, for posing the questions. 😉

  49. Billione says :

    @Brandon Q: I just noticed that this post was from 3 years ago! We are still talking about it, LOL.

    @ms mimi the mocha soulchild: this is long over due. I absolutely LOVE your post and fell you wholeheartedly. Thank you.

  50. Chris says :

    Brian you dont know shit, and you really havnt cleaned the argument up. For once i will mention that i dont believe bill is ‘setting a trap’ in anyway i think simply he is postiing an argument that i dont agree with. you are too afraind to even comment properly in this discussion because you feel like an inferior ‘idiot’.
    So bill do you feel like a victim still? btw how old are you and what do you do?

  51. gaetano says :

    I am a white 66 year old man.You can call me any color that you want to,but I think white 66 year old man discribes me pretty good.Any how,I hate what slavery was and how any person can can say that it was right.But I would like to know what a black american would like to be called,so that I would not offend any person of their race.The only thing I know about slavery is what I saw in movies,and I have to admit If my family were treated like they were I would have killed every one of them bastards I believe that because of the slavery days it formed a culture for the black people. I think it is a beautuful culture that should make all blacks proud of what their ancesters did to get them freed.I am happy for all people that are happy for their race.Look at me. I am an anerican man of italian decent,and every time that I mention my name I get accused of belonging to the MAFIA.I hate it,but I don`t want to kill those that say it. The word American is a good word,but it doesn`t discribe you completely or me either,It only discribes where you were born.A color , or another word of some would help discribe a person a little better,So what could a white american,of Italian decent or other decent , call your personal discription so that we would not offend you?I could tell you names that I was called during my lifetime that would make your hair stand up ,but it doesn`t make me hate that ignorant idiot. It just shows how stupid a person can be.I wish all blacks, whites, reds,and yellows,in this country , the best. And I am sorry for any one that has been hurt by the white race,and I also forgive those that have hurt the white race. What else could I say? GOD BLESS ALL!!!!!!!!

  52. sarah says :

    Quit calling me white.

    I’m Irish-American and I demand it!!!! waaaaah!!

  53. Darkslan says :


    I have read the comments and some people feel offended when hearing black, others when hearing african-american, etc. So how should a “white-guy” speak to not offend anyone? Isn’t it a bit hypocritical, that I always have to look out, how to speak, but you don’t? I like to speak naturally, not artificially. If white is not racist, than why black is? Its just colors.

    And in my opinion a black, white, etc is not a race, because the Homo Sapiens Sapiens is a subspecies, so less than 0.1% DNA controls the skin color. So why this big hype about it? Everybody is 99.9% identical, and under the skin everybody is red. Is look the most important?

    And finally I do not identify myself with whiteness, I am Hungarian and proud of it. There are no whites nor blacks. There are Germans, English, Serbs, Oromos, Amhara, Tigray, etc. Why should we close up every people into races?

  54. Billione says :

    Darkslan and others
    I think for you t truly understand this, you really have to read and understand the history of the USA. (And not just what they put in mass market history books.)

    ” Isn’t it a bit hypocritical, that I always have to look out, how to speak, but you don’t? I like to speak naturally, not artificially. If white is not racist, than why black is? Its just colors.”

    You can speak however you want. Just know that some people may take issue with it. What some people do is hide behind ignorance and expect people to suck it up. White is not racist because some whites have construted the reality that black is inferior, threreby making white the standard. The standard is always “the right way.” However, black is not a racist term.

    BTW, it is not just colors. There is an entire cultural, social, and political world attached to what the term represents.

    “And in my opinion a black, white, etc is not a race, because the Homo Sapiens Sapiens is a subspecies, so less than 0.1% DNA controls the skin color. So why this big hype about it? Everybody is 99.9% identical, and under the skin everybody is red. Is look the most important?”

    Sure, we know there more similarities than differences between blacks and white, however, blacks did not creat this hate machince that has sustained itself throught sytemic racisim in America. So, go ask a few white folks what the big deal is. Racism is not a black issue, it is a white issue. If racist white folks woulf get over their insecurities about the history, racism would end.

    “And finally I do not identify myself with whiteness, I am Hungarian and proud of it. There are no whites nor blacks. There are Germans, English, Serbs, Oromos, Amhara, Tigray, etc. Why should we close up every people into races”

    And finally, I dentify as you will. But the world doesn’t operate the way you want it to. There are systems out there the define us whether or not we want them to becuase the have the so-called power over the system that control everything. When you say German, Hungarian, etc. You are comparaing two incomparable things. Race and Ethnicity. Blacks in Amercia have ethnicities, but due to the destruction of our history, we have lost our ethnic history and have to rely on identifying with a continent. African is not really an ethnicity.

    So, be proud that you don’t have to rely on you “whiteness” because it is only out or priviledge that you are able. As for some others, they have no choice but to identify with their blackness, becuase it is usually seen before any interaction.

  55. Kris says :

    @ Billione ….Yeah man i really appreciate the quality language u used in order to enlighten those “wanna understand how Blacks feel”…..koz they can’t ! ..yeah das ma Nigga….and white people remember u r forbidden of using this word if only u don’t want anything to happen to ur ass….

    @ Brian i agree also with u….but even though slavery and racism are over (if it is the case) yet many of the white descendants benefit from it even though they might not be racist minded….so there is injustice somewhere n das what keep increasing the frustration of the Black people….

    For the way i will like to be called :
    Nigga……. if and only if u are a fellow Black folk (exclusive) n
    Black …..For the other races
    y ?…because the word Nigga has a meaning regarding the person
    who uses it to call me……

  56. Drew says :

    @ Kris –

    “For the way i will like to be called :
    Nigga……. if and only if u are a fellow Black folk (exclusive) n
    Black …..For the other races”

    You a fine example of why a feeling of alienation and segregation still exists. You sound very young, not just because of your poor grammar. Also, you threaten white people with violence?? Really man, you have a lot of learning and growing up to do.

  57. Kris says :

    @ ” drew”
    Get this sir or lady boy in case u r gay …i couldn’t expect much from u … das was even the purpose and u felt into ….so who is the dumb ! just now i was checking ma mail when this story of a black Professor of Harvard came up …he was arrested by police in his own house …and even after showing his identity the police sgt a ” white ” still took him to the police station ….das just an example of many racial profiling towards Black…..how do u think Black people feel…..oh my bad u cannot ….since ur parents were not slave and u benefit from a racist system……poor grammar ..my bad am sorry couldn’t go to school since they were just white schools in ma hood and i was not allowed access to…..y? u hve the answer…
    So please in the future just post ur argument or comment and don’t give a fuck about mines ….they are not intended to u …..

  58. Mightyqueen801 says :

    Try to remember, everybody, that there’s no one-size-fits-all and you’ve got to take people as individuals.

    I was reminded of this a few years ago when I was buying my lunch in a little deli here in NYC. The guy behind the counter was black, I was white (still am, as a matter of fact), I was next in line but he made a point of not waiting on me until he had first taken the two black customers who had come in after me. I refused to just put down my food and walk out, since that’s obviously the reaction he was hoping for, so I just stood there, reading signs on the walls, knowing this guy was getting some pathetic bit of jollies on a white woman for something that had been perpetuated upon him once upon a time by some other white person.

    There were finally no other black customers, so he rang me up, I paid, walked out, and I was annoyed with myself because despite my resolve to not take it personally, I realized that I still did a bit.

    So, there I am walking down the street and a black lady approaches me and smiles and says “Excuse me…check your jacket pocket. You have some cash sticking out and anyone could walk by and just snatch it from you”. HA, I thanked her, and it was just what I needed. People are people and they cannot be lumped into one–take everybody one at a time, and remember that often if someone is slamming a door in your face, they are usually really slamming it on the person who last slammed them.

  59. SickOfIT says :

    I got an idea. Quit operating under a victim mentality.

  60. Billione says :

    I have a better idea. How about getting rid of the systemic, racist practices co-sponsored by our government. Then the supposed “victim mentality” you speak of would be obsolete.

  61. David says :

    I didn’t read all the comments, so maybe this was answered, but I didn’t really see much about WHY the author or some posters don’t like a white person calling them black. Is it the word black or is it just how they say it?

    If its the way they say it, its seems like the focus should be on a persons tone or attitude, instead of the word black….

    If it is the word “black” itself, then is calling someone, or referring to a person as “white” just as bad?

    I’m a white guy, in case there is any doubt, but I am genuinely curious about this.

  62. Will says :

    Black or white? African americam or caucasion? how bout just being respectful to eachother and live right! I am black and proud of it! Most of us really dont even know true racism we just o by what was heard from our elders! and now days we as blacks are our worse enemies! The N word is a term used in our community way too much but right or wrong its our word! But that doesn’t excuse it! Man lets just be people the 50’s and 60’s died with Bull Connor! i was a called nigger a hundred times over because we moved to an all white area of town then learned later in life they had nothing against me that is something they heard! Lets just be people of color or better yet HUMANS

  63. smith says :

    The first time I really read the Bible, I got to the Book of Revelation and chapter 13 seemed to describe a tv. Innocent looking, but speaks like the dragon… (a liar, thief and killer and accuser, etc, etc)… I think this is one of the main problems with racism… we believe what the tv says about what whites think about blacks, what blacks think about whites, tells us what to think, believe,and act. The tv is controlled by the Beast himself… we worship it because we believe it more than God, and we do what it says, and we become who it says we are, rather than what God says about anything. I am a “white” person… first time sent to “integrated” school… 12 and 13 years old… junior high… 1968… the kids only knew what parents said… what tv said… blacks and whites don’t like each other. How about telling our kids who we are in Christ.
    I also have a question… why is it wrong to say “nigga” when for instance, my 73 year old black patient calls many people “niggas”. Why when I go to the gas station for instance, is it ok to have to listen to black music using the word “white bitch” and “cracka’s” or what ever we’re called?

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