Iran’s 18-page letter

So if you haven’t heard yet, Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad wrote an 18-page letter to Bush outlining contradictions in the international arena. And if President Ahmadinejad is nothing else, he is not stupid. He made some points that are so clear that they can’t be denied. I encourage all of you to read the text for yourself rather than having someone tell you what it meant. Unfortunately, the link I have is only 8 pages but that is better than nothing.

And what really disturbs me is that not in any world could I see Bush writing an 18-page letter on ANYTHING, yet alone engaging President Ahmadinejad in a meeting of the minds. Now was Ahmadinejad’s letter purely political, probably so, but what isn’t in international affairs. And more importantly, why does Bush insist that all options are on the table when he keeps ducking opportunities to talk. It may be because all the options only include sanctions or military strikes because diplomacy doesn’t seem to exist with this administration. And just what may I ask is wrong with talking or writing letters?

Isn’t communicating the most productive feature of human civilization? And that is what one of the traits I disdain in Bush, he seems to relish the point at which talking is no more feasible rather than take advantage of the time when it is.

Stay up fam,




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