How are you eating?

Earlier, I wrote a piece on going to the gym that ruffled some feathers but when it comes to being healthy in our non-stop lives, exercising is only part of the story. I am focusing on eating today because every week, new studies contradict either long-held beliefs or the studies that were published the week before. How do you sort through them all? By getting back to basics.

Now I am no nutritionist, but I know that each of you have learned some tips for eating healthy. So my challenge to you is the share with the world what practices, dishes, mindsets, etc. have had the biggest impact on helping you eat healthy.

I’ll start.

1) Beef, not pork. Hopefully, I don’t have to explain.

2) I had to cut back on eating frozen dinners for lunch after someone told me how much sodium they have. As a result, I now eat turkey or corned beef sandwiches.

3) To help me drink water, I take multivitamins in the morning and I eat nutrition/energy bars in the afternoon which further encourages the water intake.

4) I either eat an orange or an apple during the day and I try to incorporate vegetables for dinner at night.

5) I don’t like taking time to cook so one of my staples now is to get minute rice that you throw in the microwave, add some grilled chicken or steak strips, and top it off with peas or corn. Now I know that eating microwaved foods is not the best thing in the world, but until some of you teach me how to cook fresh food fast, I am sticking with it.

Looking forward to your comments,

Stay up fam,



6 responses to “How are you eating?”

  1. Anonymous says :

    It doesn’t seem that we do healthy very well or often. However, I, like you Brandon, try to make it fit into my lifestyle so it’s not something I ‘have’ to do, it’s just something I ‘do’.

    3x/wk, I have a couple friends over to workout on personal equipment. I have ‘almost’ the total gym in my garage. Being a middle-aged fem, I have tried to block the clock for the past 6-7 years to the point that my health is that of a woman 10 years younger and my appearance reflects the same timeframe. I appreciate it when my co-workers don’t believe that my 6’2″ (23yo) son is my brother! Ok, I’m

    Anyway, I ride my bike on the w/e along Sunset Beach early in the a.m. for a total of 22.5 miles/each day. I end up exercising a total of about 4.5 during the week and 3.0 over the w/e. Usually, I see maybe 3-9 of mah peeps, but not normally.

    I drink 32 oz of water on the way to work/daily, cuz it’s hard for me to do it w/o thinking about it, so I concentrate on that during my commute. I try NOT to eat after 6:00 p.m. during the week and consistently have fruit & grains for breakfast, protein & salad for lunch and fish/veggies for dinner. Snacks like fruit/yogurt/nuts throughout the day keep me from wanting chips & cookies when I’m starving.

    I was threatening hypertension about six mos ago, but I think I’ve gotten that under control by stepping up the exercise during the week. Oh yeah, and I walk at lunchtime once or twice a week for about 2 miles.

    These things work for me stress-wise and weight-wise. I’m still a size 9-10 and eat pretty much what I want, except I don’t eat any pork. I developed an allergic reaction to it about 12 years ago. Go figure.

  2. Brandon Q. says :

    Anon, that is amazing!!!!

    And thank you so much for sharing. I purposefully prefaced my piece without talking about losing weight or yo-yo dieting because when something becomes “what you do,” it becomes unconscious and healthy lifestyles really don’t work any other way.

    I get so excited when I learn about how people are taking care of themselves, especially when they have the discipline to see it through to the end. And I wish I could add to your comments but you covered just about everything.

    May I ask when you started this fantastic eating/exercise regimen? And what beyond “stopping the clock” keeps you inspired? Do you have a blog I can peruse? I ask that because you seem like you haven’t told enough people about your experiences. In fact, if you are interested in writing a piece for the Superspade, please email us at

    Thank you again for your comments and your inspiration,


  3. Steve "The Governor" says :


    It is truem fitness and health must become a lifestyle. If you do not make it a priority, it will definitely fall to the wayside. For myself, it is important to find something that you enjoy. If you hate running, then jump rope, swim or row. This summer, I am taking up boxing. Variety keeps it interesting. Also, learn more about it. Experiment with different forms of fitness, thats what makes it fun.

    If you cannot change your eating habits, cut back. I love to eat, but I was not going to give up pork and start eating tofu. So, I just cut back, reduced my portions. And gradually, I began to substitute healthy foods in my life. I took out all processed sugar and soda out of my house and just had honey, water and milk. So I didnt have time to have caffeine. I have water bottles stashed everywhere, so everytime I want to drink a soda, they serve as a reminder of my commitment. And if health does not motivate you, maybe your pocket book will, when you look at how much you spend on junk and fast food. Living healthy and eating healthy is a fundamental building block to optimizing discipline, energy and performance. Great post B.

  4. y. says :

    You know what Steve, tofu isn’t that bad. I have a recipe for a tofu nacho bake that is great! You’d never know you were eating tofu.
    Great post Brandon, eating healthy can definitely change your life. A couple of years ago, I consumed so much junk food like it was cute to gain 30-40 pounds and my blood pressure shot through the roof! I finally got tired of blowing up and made a decision to save my life by changing my life. This was no easy task but it was well worth it. You’d be surprise at how creative you can get with fruits, vegetables & fish. So Brandon, you can definitely let the microwave go. Steamed broccoli, fresh corn on the cob, salads, sauteed cabbage w/peppers & onions, baked fish & chicken are easy to make. You should have no problem stovetop cooking and baking or broiling seafood/poultry/red meat in
    THE OVEN:)

  5. Garlin II says :

    An NPR piece on Black health today:

  6. brownsugarflyygirl says :

    Eating healthy is wonderful!I just completely rehashed my diet and have become a Whole Foods junkie….I dont eat anything with hydrogonated oils, fried foods(I allow myself calamari as my only exception),no high fructose corn syrup, no MSG (you would be amazed how many boxed foods have this),
    significantly reduced my carbs and dairy intake,and a list of other changes. I feel that God has called me to do many things and I want to be alive and healthy to do it… one of four people get cancer, heart diseases is the number one killer or women, I could go on and on…but
    that is the basics…its a major lifestyle change that is taking time to adjust to..but it is worth it…I was already
    health-conscious…now I am just taking it to another level :o) I meal plan and make my grocery list on Fridays, go to the grocery store (WF & Trader Joe’s) on Saturdays, and usually spend 5-6 hours on Sunday cooking for the week. I bought a single electric stovetop for $9 and a small pot for $4 at Walmart and I use that at work to heat my food instead of the microwave. I drink 96 oz water throughout the day..more on the days I go to the gym. I am loving my new lifestyle…it just takes a little extra thought..but living a healthy, prosperous life is well worth it. The bonus is I have become a great cook so now I get to eat tasty healthy food every day. Plus, God has blessed me to be able to share the knowledge with others. This definitely needs to be talked about more in the Black community…its soooo important.

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