The Weekly Dream: Work and Adjustments

“Nature abhors a vacuum”

Good day all. The phrase another day, another dollar has an entirely new meaning for me as I have begun my summer job. Change and working in the real world is quite an adjustment from school. Now I understand how life speeds up, time becomes scarce, waistlines and stress also increase. Maintaining equilibrium and perspective becomes a tremendous task. However it can be done.

On my very first day on the job, one of my coworkers gave me this piece of advice “once you know who you are, work is easy.” This relatively simple resonated with me as I made the adjustment from full-time, laid-back student to full-time employee. I tend to view the work world with more trepidation than most. I have seen jobs grind people up and make them shells of their former selves. I witness people who have allowed their occupation to grind the life out of them to the point where all they talk about is work and that is their universe. Until one day, they wake up and they are old and alone. This has never been me. I made a vow to never allow a position to change me, but to leave my mark on the position. I promised I would stay true to myself and the man I am on the journey of becoming.

This brings me to the issue of vocation or purpose. The majority of individuals have a job and not a vocation. If you ask a random person on the street, what their vocation is, they probably could not tell you. However, if finding your vocation was not difficult enough, once you find it, do you have the courage to follow it? This is my challenge, as I stand on the threshold of adult life.

What are you in it for?

I know that since the dawn of time, humans have left their homes to provide for themselves and their families. However, it still does not make the adjustment any easier. One way to keep life interesting is to ask “What am I in it for? What are my priorities?” Do not be anxious, but always keep your eyes on the prize. Outside of the deadlines, the hustle and bustle, you need to keep in touch with yourselves. Never let those dreams die. They are a gift entrusted to you to nurture.

These are not easy questions, especially when you are young and just starting out. But as I have often stated, we must take each day as it comes and treat it as an adventure. Find ways to incorporate play into your life and make relaxation a priority.

Parting words

In my former career, I received a wonderful piece of advice from a woman who had been employed at the bank I worked at for over forty years. She told me “Steven, at the end of your life, no one will remember the overtime you put in, or the sacrifices you made for the job. In the end, they will remember the kind of person you are and how you treat people.”

I have always used this phrase to help me return to reality. What good is success if you have no one to share it with? What good is money if you are unable to enjoy it? The book of Ecclesiastes says that there is a time and a place for everything. So if you are doing what is right and are diligent in every area of your life, it is not a question of if your dreams will come true, it is a question of when.

I am still learning these things, but this is what I try to remind myself of everyday I put that suit on. There is a totally different man, apart from the suit, that I cannot afford to lose track of.

Keep the faith. Stay encouraged.

Grow where you are planted, but if it doesn’t feel right, make preparations for change. No job is worth your health and personal well-being. Take care of yourselves.

Truth and Peace,
Steven M DeVougas

Question of the Week: How do you maintain work/life balance?


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2 responses to “The Weekly Dream: Work and Adjustments”

  1. Anonymous says :

    Well said Steven. As you know I just changed jobs and it is difficult to maintain who you are after the 8-5 with so many other things you got going on to helpmake you who you want to be or get you where you are. It all takes sacrifice, but I say be happy doing whatever you do to sacrifice and things won’t be as hard. In the end, no matter what it is you’recommitted to, remain true to self and remember those roots from which you have grown. Your extended relative, Nicole.

  2. Anonymous says :

    Hi Steven,

    I am enjoying reading your thoughtful and insightful writings. When you are at the being of your career – it is so very important to know who you are and start trying to develop your purpose within that career/work setting. Having the courage to step out on faith and follow your dreams is a major step in the process of being true to yourself and to God to whom has shaped us for his purpose in life. Continue to keep the faith and know that there are a lot of us out here cheering you and ourselves on to have the strengh to be the best that we can be. Thanks, Lady B

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