The Weekly Dream: Step Your Game Up

“If you’re not making moves, then you’re running in place or standing still”

We are officially entering the fourth quarter of the year. What does that mean? It means that for 90% of us, our New Year’s Resolutions are all but a faint memory. Have you accomplished all of your objectives? Did you tenaciously pursue your dreams? What exactly did you do for three quarters of the year?

The vast majority of us have settled into the comfort of routine-content to spend our time coasting. Personally, I realized that I had gotten comfortable. I had a routine down, and was settling into a quiet life, keeping to myself. I needed to create the urgency to get better and more focused than I was yesterday. I had to challenge myself to create a little discomfort and push to the next level.

What is it going to take?

A lot of us have stagnated in some area of our lives, and have hit that end of the year slump. In life, you spend a lot of time practicing, and very little time actually executing. However, if you are in a slump, it is going to take twice the energy, patience, and a lot of positivity. Therefore, it is necessary to get back to basics, simplify your thinking, you approach, your life. If you are a winner, when presented with a challenge, you tend to let go of extraneous things, and key in to the task at hand. You become determined, yet calm. Normally, when you are confident in your preparation and are secure in your abilities, you hit what is commonly referred to as the “zone”. Everyone has experienced it in some form or fashion, but it is possible to live there.

How do you achieve optimum performance? First, DO NOT break your discipline. You know what you are supposed to be doing and when, so stick to it. Discipline is simply training designed to achieve some outcome. It is totally process driven. But the best part of discipline is that it is easily transferable. If you are disciplined at exercising and your school work, take that same mindset and apply it to some other activity. When people would tell me “Oh you are naturally smart, that is why you received that grade.” I would respond that smart has nothing to do with it. Talent in the hands of a fool is nothing but potential. I was just more disciplined and my grade is a reflection of that. Some people are naturally gifted, but that should inspire you to achieve your personal best and learn from them. It is universal law. You will reap what you sow.

Second, be diligent. Diligence, as I have stated before is discipline over a long period of time. It is a dedication to doing something right, over and over again. Michael Jordan is quoted as saying “Perfect practice makes perfect. If you shoot 1000 jumpers a day the wrong way, then you have perfected shooting an improper jumper.” Diligence and discipline yield excellence. In Proverbs, it says, “He who is slack in his work is companion to he who is a destroyer.” Therefore, do not tolerate slackness in any area of your life, because the corners you cut today, will definitely come back on you.

Third, be devoted. Bring your entire self into the enterprise. Devotion is about the attitude you have towards something. Discipline and diligence can be imposed from the outside, but devotion comes within. It is the hunger, passion, and obsession all rolled into one. But it is the comfort of knowing that, while you might not be there today, you will get there, so it is all worth it.

Fourth, take the best from everyone. While some people are naturally gifted, I do not believe that anything is outside of possibility once the decision is made to possess it. Therefore, I hang around individuals who are skillful in the area I want to perfect. What is going on in their mind? How do they approach the task? How do they practice? I am always seeking the best in everyone so that I can smooth my rough edges.

Keep Your Hand to the Plow

A few weeks back, Brandon wrote about manifesting your light and it really struck a cord with me. Living this way is not easy, it takes constant vigilance. We are human, and the natural tendency is to get comfortable. But is that being true to yourself? This has been a hard challenge for me, and I do not profess to have these four things mastered, but I know what must be done.

The older I get, the more I realize that time is our most precious commodity. Everything in life can be recouped, except for time. Yet, we waste so much of it everyday. Then, we wonder why we have accomplished on half of what we aimed. When you are short on time, and you have to cover a lot of ground, it is going to take planning, preparation and discipline. It is definitely going to cost you something. But once you catch a glimpse of who you are and the light that is inside of you, you cannot help but work to manifest that each and everyday.

I pose the same challenge to you. Blow the dust off of your New Year’s Resolutions, pick up the project you have been putting off, get organized, clean up your diet, PICK UP YOUR DREAMS. It is not too late. You have three months to make it honest.

Play through the slump.

Let Your light shine before men, so that they may glorify God.

It takes work and time to shine.

Truth and Peace,
Steven M. DeVougas

Question of the Week: Where do slumps come from and how do we overcome them?



4 responses to “The Weekly Dream: Step Your Game Up”

  1. brownsugarflyygirl says :

    PHENOMENAL POST!! That was exactly what I needed to hear. I have had a very slow start to my academic year and this was just what I needed to hear to get cracking and get that 4.0 that I really want! Oh and why you are calling people out on their NY resolutions, I reviewed mine two weeks ago and was pleased to find that I was on track for 7 out of 8 of them…so there are people out there who do take them seriously and follow through…lol :o)

  2. brownsugarflyygirl says :

    Oh and in response to your question I think changes in your rythmn and routine can cause slumps. For example, I was doing very good with my nutrition and then I moved to a new place and had a lot of traveling to do for my job. It threw off my time schedule for meal planning, cooking, grocery shopping, etc. I am much better now but I had to establish a new routine. So in my life, change in my routine brings messes with me and throws me all off. Structure is my friend.

  3. Garlin II says :

    Here’s a quote from an unknown author that I really like and I think fits here:

    A diamond is a lump of coal that stuck with the job.

    Persistence is an important part of success.

  4. Steve "The Governor" says :


    You are definitely a minority on your New Year’s Resolutions. However, you definitely touch on a good point. Structure can be our friend. Change can upset that. What do we do when it is a new change and routine for us to learn? I have always been of the opinion that human beings are supposed to create order out of chaos. So me, being the anal retentive individual that I am, look for ways to organize whatever change I am undergoing. Change is a force that should be facilitated and channeled for our benefit and for our good. A ship without a sail or a rudder is tossed about. A ship with these things harnesses the forces around it for its benefit.

    As Garlin has stated, it does take persistence to be successful. Persistence will trump talent, giftedness and intelligence everytime. In this life, you have to hustle, scramble and fight for everything you get. If you don’t have any heart, how can you ever win in the game of life?

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