A love poem to Detroit…

What’s up fam, as most of you may know, I was born and raised in Detroit and I am very proud to let this be known. But this weekend, I experienced my city in a way that was truly breathtaking. As a result, I was inspired to write a poem that speaks to my feelings towards “The D,” but it can be applied to people every where struggling for hope where there is so much despair. Enjoy.

So I dillied, dallied, I ran through the alley
Throughout my hometown
Some call it Motown

Known for crime, soul music, and bad boys
Diddy don’t run the city
We create visions because we can’t afford toys

Looking at the stats, most folks will say,
“Detroit throw in the rag,”
But when our time comes
They will say, “Is that the city formerly known as…?”
And we will say, “We always knew, where were you?”

Our time is now and you might now even know it
This job is for grown folk
Not defined by age but tested by the heart

Our Katrina was long and drawn out
Lost jobs, poor schools,
It’s almost like a perpetual hope drought

Drowning in our wallows
We adapted and grew gills
Like deep sea fish, we don’t need the sun
We need the Son
Because when it all goes down, we look to the hills

When the system lets us down we go underground for support
But with no subways, we ride each other’s dreams
Knowing that in the end if we are to succeed,

We have to rise above the pettiness
And below the surfaces
Asking God for His help to change our present and future circumstances

Stay up Detroit,

Brandon Q.

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2 responses to “A love poem to Detroit…”

  1. Freest_al says :

    Straight spine-tingling…it makes me feel good to know I was part of that experience. The dallie was a different look, but like my dude said, “justice, hope cannot be compartmentalized”. It was good to see you and be with you to breathe in the hope. ONE

  2. Anonymous says :

    I like the piece man. I wish that more people would really see the city for what it is and what it can be. I the we could take 25% of the energy that people dedicate to reiterating tired rumors about detroit and really continue to make it great. keep the faith man.

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