A turning point for Black folks

I know the Bible talks about we shouldn’t lead a life of fear, but can I be honest? I am afraid of looking of what the future holds for the Black Community 15-25 years from now when most of us the folks who were directly involved in the Civil Rights Movement will be in the twilight years of their lives. Now death is nothing new in the Black Community. However, I believe that as a whole, we take for granted the huge wealth of institutional knowledge that resides deep in the souls of more senior Black folks.

And my fear is that as more of these soldiers pass away, the goals and the struggle of the Civil Rights Movement will become more commercialized and watered down, thereby creating huge gaps in the understanding of our identity and the tactics we used to reach the point where we are at today. I don’t want to lose that but as I see more debates framed around the old vs. young, I feel that we are not respecting the delicate turning point we find ourselves in.

Do you think this is a valid concern? If so, what do you think are the implications be it negative or positive? And what should we do to help stave off the negative effects?

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One response to “A turning point for Black folks”

  1. Garlin II says :

    B, I think that your concern is warranted to a degree. The issue in my mind is not the existence of an old v. young debate, but it is the general lack of interest in history among people of our generation. This lack of interest will only lead to mistakes being made that will be identical to those made in years past. That is a very frightening, negative implication.

    Both old and young can help to stave off these sorts of negative implications. The old can help by not demonizing/disrespecting young peoples opinions and actions. Attempt to ask before judging. The example here is not to automatically assume that a young man is bad/stupid/whatever because he has on stocking cap. The young can help by beginning to think about why we do the things we do and why we do them the way we do them. This goes for “positive” and “negative” actions. The example here is wondering why commercial hip hop is all that we are exposed to.

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