What do you do with aborted babies?

A hospital in the UK has recently admitted that they dispose of aborted babies by burning them, similar to the way they dispose of other waste.

There have been mixed reactions to this, and that is evidenced pretty clearly in the comments section of the above article. The hospital decided to do this in order to save money, since this is cheaper than what they normally do with children miscarried before 24 weeks, according to the article.

This is an interesting debate. Is it ‘OK’ to do this? One commenter on the article said the following:

If women opt to have abortions, they ought to take responsibility for the disposal of or payment towards the disposal. It’s about time people started taking responsibility for their actions! The NHS should be about providing healthcare, NOT assisting life-style choices!

I think that sounds reasonable. Should that be the responsibility of people who have abortions? Would it be wrong for the government to require such payment (effectively an Abortion Tax)?

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About Garlin Gilchrist II

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3 responses to “What do you do with aborted babies?”

  1. Anonymous says :

    I’m sorry but I have to disagree. Abortions are about health care whether it is a personal choice or not. Someone disposes of my cervical and blood samples from my papsmear. Also women whether at Planned Parenthood or certain hosptials are charged to abort their children anywhere from $200 to $500. Abortion Tax is as ridiculous as a healthcare tax to Smokers. The Tax is suppose to also discourage the behavior but it is a ploy to make money from people who generally are already oppressed and can’t afford another cost. If you want to discourage the behavior smoking and abortions: programs and preemptive measures would help much more.

  2. Brandon Q. says :

    Interesting post G,

    I think that it would be unwise to institute an abortion tax. I think most people whether pro-life or pro-choice would start with the premise that they would like to see women having fewer abortions. Therefore, having an abortion tax does nothing to help improve the chances that a woman won’t have an abortion.

    And I agree with Anon’s comment that if we start with the agreed above premise, then we should take steps that would make abortion a non-issue due to the fact that if people didn’t want kids (with the exception of rape and incest) they should lead a lifestyle of being aware and accountable for their actions.

    And no matter how much the tax is, if a woman needs an abortion, there is no tax that would keep her from getting an abortion if she is determined to do so.

  3. Garlin II says :

    Thanks for the responses.

    I do no think that the so-called Abortion Tax would deter anyone from getting an abortion, and I don’t believe that the person advocating it in the original article was suggesting that it would.

    Anon, the $200-$500 that women are charged by doctors/professionals that perform abotion procedures are for the procedure, and likely does include the cost of disposal of the aborted baby. This post was meant more to deal with the method of disposal, and who has to/should be financially responsible for that disposal.

    B, I’m with the both you & Anon when you say that the goal is to reduced the number of individuals who would want/need abortions. Again, that is not what is being questioned here.

    As far as the Tax, thinking about it more, I do not think that that would be the proper approach if the abortion was handled in a private practice. However, if the procedure was performed in a public practice (e.g. a publicly owned/operated/funded hospital facility), then it makes more sense to me. I do not know how much abortions cost in these public venues, or if they even occur in such places. If they do, then effectively we have taxpayers paying for abortions, which is something that I do not want to see, since I believe that tax dollars are better spent doing things to prevent abortions.

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