Stop Asking Stupid Questions

What’s up fam, how is everything?

What really grinds my gears is watered-down conversation. What do I mean? I am talking about those bland lines that we all fall victim to in everyday conversation. Examples involving people we don’t know include: So what do you do? Where are you from? /Where do you live? The last question is usually connected to the event and/or environment you are at. It wouldn’t be so bad if the person asking these questions didn’t make so many assumptions and deductions based off the answers to these questions. And because so many of us think we know so much after these types of questions, the art of the follow-up has diminished. Additionally, and I think sadly, we don’t take time to appreciate the stories that make each of us unique which in turn prevents us from learning invaluable life lessons.

But what’s worse is that we have the same old tired conversations with people we care about. You know exactly what I’m talking about. How are you doing? How is your significant other? How is the baby? How is work coming along? All of these questions are not unimportant but imagine how much more meaningful our conversations would be if instead, we asked, “Is there anything I can help you with?” “I know you said everything is fine, so what goals are you working towards?” “How is your relationship with God?”

By asking questions like this, we cut through all the unnecessary small talk and fast-forward to topics that might actually make a difference in each other’s lives. Real talk doesn’t just happen so let’s stop waiting for it to fall out of thin-air. So again, how is everything?

Stay up fam,




2 responses to “Stop Asking Stupid Questions”

  1. l. renaissance says :

    yes yes definitely feelin that. i appreciate how you push on conversations, the ways we as people grapple with daily life, and with each other… within that how u deal with race, class, and the pertinent issues that define people.

    have u ever read christopher b’s site? i think i tried to get dumi to read it but never sure if he did.

    his works are def food 4 thought. peace!

  2. Garlin II says :


    Thanks. I agree that conversations are important. Action-focused conversations are the best type, and those begin when we get past small talk and start getting real.

    I took a look at Christopher B.’s site, and I think it’s great! I left some comments on it as well. Thanks for the pointer. You are helping to grow The SuperSpade and Active Thought Network.

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