The Weekly Dream: Lifology

Question of the Week: What is Life Trying to Teach You Right Now?

Some people have asked me how I come up with these articles every week. What is my process? I reply that a lot of it is my thoughts or reactions to things or situations I have encountered or that have been encountered by others. My antennae is always up and looking for the lesson that life and its accompanying challenges are trying to instill. I explain it as being a student of life.

But there was a time when I thought I knew it all. I call the ages 19-20 the selfish years, because nobondy can tell you anything, we have it all figured out. Perhaps that is just youth in general. It takes being whipped by life to figure out, “I still have a long way to go.”

What Makes A Good Student

As a student in school, we were put in situations where we did not have any idea about the subject matter at hand. Our job was to absorb the information that was being transferred or transmitted by our teacher. As a student, we had to come to the material with a fresh set of eyes and hold our preconceived notions up to the light.

Some of us were better at it than others. We had our weak subjects as well as our strong ones. It was not always pleasant, but it had to be done. We did not always get the grades we thought we deserved, we might not have liked our teacher, our classmates or the school. But a job had to be done, and there was one objective: To learn and master the material being presented.

Life is no different. There are certain things that we have to go through. If we do not get the lesson, we will no doubt repeat the situation until we get it. There are people who we do not like that we have to deal with, we might not like the situation we are in, but we are in it, so we must deal. It is a humbling experience. In church, they call it being “perfected”. What are you going through right now, what is life trying to teach you at this moment?

How Do I Pass?

In order to get the lesson, we need to step back and examine the situations we find ourselves in and the situations of others. . What is the source? What changes has the situation caused in me? There is a saying that states that a fool does not learn from his mistakes, a smart person learns from the mistakes he makes, but a wise person can learn from the mistakes of others. We need to look at the present and the past with objectivity and humility.

We all have regrets, but we cannot change what happened back then, but we can determine how it affects us today and going forward. We cannot dwell on our shortcomings, we cannot be something we are not. We must walk our path and leave our own footprints in the sand.

If we develop a sensitivity to the situations and people around us, then we are half way there. Your way of doing things is not the only way and it may not be the best way. It may be the best for your situation, but not for someone else. Therefore, we should not be quick to judge others. If you judge anything, judge the action and its ramifications. But nobody walking on this earth has it all figured out. We all are trying to deal with life: our insecurities, our fears, our individual challenges. But if we take the stance of a student, and look at everything with fresh eyes, as a little child, then it wont be as difficult.

But no matter where you are, life is still good. It might not be great and it could be better, but it is still good. So learn while school is in session.

Truth and Peace,
Steven M. DeVougas




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