When in doubt…

The President announced plans today that he wants to increase the size of the army to fight the global war on terrorism. This is wrong on so many levels. For starters, the American military presence alone serves as a galvanizing mechanism for encouraging would be civilians into “insurgents.” It is tantamount to throwing gas on a fire and expecting the fire to be extinguished. Right now we have brave soldiers looking for IED’s (improvised explosive device) and having to question if a young man they gave candy to at 8am will not be shooting at them at 8pm.

What’s sad is that we all knew that for all of the recommendations by all of these blue-ribbon commissions, Bush was interested in only one; send in more troops. But let’s pay attention to the context because while the war is the big elephant in the room, we are cutting domestic programs, having China essentially hold us economically hostage, pushing for school re-segregation, and how could we forget our precious tax cuts?

We are at a turning point in our body politic. Most people will say in private that they don’t like where this war is taking America, but this is not enough. Wars can not be sustained without public support. So don’t sit up at home and wait on the activists to do your dirty work. Speak out and speak loud. YOU made the TIME magazine person of the year, so take your power and use your voice to let your government officials know that unless drastic things happen for the better, the consequences will be grave. We are on the precipice of seeing an America where the government is afraid of the people and the people are not afraid of the government. Seize this moment.

In solidarity,

Stay up fam,



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