Symbolism of Saddam’s execution

I knew it was just a matter of time before Saddam would be executed but the symbolism of his death means everything and nothing in very significant ways.

To the extent that it means nothing, the current violence and lawlessness plaguing Iraq is not dependent on the whereabouts of Saddam Hussein. Of course, there will probably be an up tick of violence in light of his execution, but we have seen nothing but increases in violence since we have been in Iraq. So to say pinpoint one reason for the violence is next to impossible. Nevertheless, Saddam’s death will not lead to sectarian fighters laying down their guns and calling a truce.

To the extent that it means something, Saddam was executed on Eid-al-Adha, one of the holiest events in the Muslim calendar, and regarded as a day of celebration. It is also the first day that the pilgrims perform the stoning of the devil ritual, where they throw pebbles at a pillar representing Satan.

So I get it, Saddam represents Satan and the Holy Americans figuratively and literally defeated Satan. Symbolism is everything, especially given the fact that Saddam was a secular dictator, not a Muslim extremist. But if you were to ask most people if Saddam was Muslim, they would most certainly say he was.

Now I am glad to see that Saddam is gone but it is truly distressing that his death cost nearly 3,000 American military deaths and hundreds of thousands of Iraqi civilians. On some realness, we could have sent 10 Navy Seals to take him out. And even though Saddam is dead, do you think our debacle in Iraq is going to get any better anytime in the realistic future?

Please pray for peace,

Stay up fam,




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