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What’s up fam!!! I wish everyone a Happy New Year and a year of growth and fulfillment. My year started off great as I was able to participate in a press conference with the Change America Now Campaign. The Change America Now Campaign is a national effort to pass the economic elements of the 100 hour plan as outlined by the Democratic leadership of the U.S. House of Representatives.

The proposed legislation would increase of the minimum wage, lift the prohibition on Medicare negotiating with pharmaceutical companies for lower prescription drug prices as part of the Part D prescription drug plan, cut the interest rate on student loans in half to make college more affordable and end tax breaks for big oil companies and invest new resources into alternative sources of energy.

I was asked to discuss the why Congress should cut the student loan interest rates in half. And for those of you who think legislation doesn’t touch you personally, cutting student loan interest rates in half would save the average college student $5,600. We must take the necessary steps to make college more affordable.

Now if I was smart like Garlin, I would have recorded my remarks. However, I was quoted in some newspapers and I wanted to share them with my Superspade family.

1.5.07 Groups Back Congressional Action read more
As the 110th Congress convened Thursday under Democratic control, a coalition of organizations said in Lansing they were calling on their members to help get passed an agenda that included an increase in the minimum wage and cuts in the interest rate charged for student loans.

1.5.07 Michigan Coalition Nudges Congress read more
A Michigan coalition has embraced the new congressional Democratic Party agenda to hike the minimum wage, reduce the cost of college loans and allow more competition in setting prescription drug prices. Michigan Citizen Action (MCA) wants all of that done in the first 100 hours of the new session in Washington.

1.5.07 Michigan Groups Push Bills in New Congress read more
The democratically controlled Congress should boost the federal minimum wage, reduce by 50 percent the interest on college student loans, and give the Medicaid system the authority to bargain with major drug companies to lower the cost of prescription drugs for seniors.

Stay up fam,

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