The SuperSpade live on Air America Radio

Right now, resident SuperSpade Garlin, will be on Air America Radio at the National Conference on Media Reform. This show is being streamed live right now and you can listen right now at, then click on listen.

We will continue to reach out to the people and invite them to the family. And if at all possible, we will try to bring you a recording of Garlin’s segment. Good work G,

Stay up fam,

Radio interview



2 responses to “The SuperSpade live on Air America Radio”

  1. Bus Chick says :

    Congratulations, Garlin! What did you talk about?

  2. Garlin II says :

    Thanks Bus Chick.

    I had a brief moment on the show to talk about the vision and purpose of the site.

    A link to the audio is available here.

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