Rev. Al Sharpton might be running for President

On today, I read an article that discussed Rev. Al Sharpton’s threatening to run for President of the United States if Democratic candidates do not “commit to focusing attention on civil rights issues.” Strategically, does it make sense for Rev. Al Sharpton to play that role in the 2008 election cycle? Why or why not?

And please do not confuse this question with whether or not you like or dislike Rev. Sharpton.

Stay up fam,

Al Sharpton


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3 responses to “Rev. Al Sharpton might be running for President”

  1. Senesi says :

    As anyone knows, Civil Rights Issues (including those with the LGBT community) are amongst the trickiest to address unless you make a point to address them. Neither of the “superstar” candidates would want to be the first to see their campaign take a hit by misstepping on a Civil Rights issue.
    Obviously, Sharpton cannot run on such a thin platform, and cannot win. But I think that he will be a beneficial wrench in that race, forcing the questions on the candidates.

    Or, maybe they will ignore him. I mean, if I were one of those two, I wouldn’t even answer sharpton if I wasn’t prodded by an interviewing reporter – he’s seen as crazy within the Black community, so his imagine his image outside of that interest group.

    Stay up Brandon.

  2. Clarence says :

    I mean, on some level, you have to say to yourself, “Of course, why wouldn’t I want attention to be brought to civil rights issues?” But, I think the question of Sharpton running, and an understanding of his motives for running, aren’t so clear cut. This is quite possibly the first time in U.S. history that we will have a black candidate running, with a legitimate chance to win the presidency. The reason Obama has this shot is precisely because Whites don’t view him of the Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton ilk. As in, he doesn’t constantly beat them over the head with their past transgressions, but instead works from a standpoint, essenitally of “let’s heal, not hate.” With that said, if Sharpton enters the race and forces Obama’s hand on these issues, he could really undermine Obama’s campaign and do more harm than good. Barak is a smart man, and has not, and will not totatlly ignore civil rights issues, but he knows if he wants to get elected he cannot keep them at the forefront of his campaign.

  3. Brandon Q. says :

    Sen, I appreciate your comment man. I agree that civil rights issues can be difficult to address. Sen, do you think Al Sharpton can put pressure on mainstream candidates to address civil rights issues without running for President? If so, should he then run still threaten to run for President?

    Clarence, I agree with you wholeheartedly. I think Al makes good points but there must be other ways he can get his point across. I think Obama has a real chance of winning and I think part of Al’s purpose in life was to help pave the way for Barack Obama to run for President. But now is time for Al to find another venue to address civil rights issues.

    Thanks fellas,

    Stay up

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