A Special PSA: In Defense of Valentine’s Day

Most people have written off Valentine’s Day as an Hallmark Holiday and perhaps some of that is valid. But how is Valentine’s Day different from every other holiday that has been appropriated and commercialized for consumer consumption?

So to write Valentine’s Day off as simply a Hallmark Holiday is silly. I think the more acute problem is laziness. The Spirit of Christmas, Easter, Valentine’s Day should be year round, but how often does it get lost? If we carried that attitude year round, there would be no real need to commemorate what these days stand for. But, Holidays and anniversaries and birthdays is what give time and space meaning.

Especially in the realm of relationships. So often, we do not take the time out to say or show our loved ones how we feel and we take them for granted. Sure, it goes without saying, but sometimes,it is good to let the person in on the secret. Also, we should never let an opportunity pass to show our appreciation/love/thoughtfulness to the ones we love. In short, Valentine’s Day has been and always will be a time to shine. I know for me, I always used Valentine’s Day to make my move on that person I had a crush on. And thanks to Moms, my appreciation of the day began early.

When you think about it, Valentine’s Day is all about companionship. How many of us are alone or feel alone? As a result, Valentine’s Day calls attention to something a lot of people spend time trying to ignore. If that is your situation, then use it as an opportunity to give love and spread it to others instead of being bitter. If you are in a relationship, at least buy a card. Heck, if you don’t want to pay Hallmark, break out the construction paper. If you are on the prowl, this is the best time to put your bid in. All that matters is that you tailor the holiday to fit your needs and show how special that special somebody is. And you do not need a lot of dough, what you need is some creativity and sentiment. It will not kill you to be considerate.

Because in the end, Valentine’s Day really is a BIG DEAL…

Truth and Peace
Steven M DeVougas

P.S. Happy Valentine’s Day and Spread some love to somebody

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6 responses to “A Special PSA: In Defense of Valentine’s Day”

  1. Anonymous says :

    Screw Valentine’s Day! What’s the point? I’m always showing love Valentines Day or not. People are so stupid they don’t know how to return the love. I hate Valentine’s Day. Ba humbug

    ~Truly Bitter 🙂

  2. Anonymous says :

    That’s right son Celebrate! Happy Valentines Day!


  3. Anonymous says :

    Your mom raised you well!!!

    Mrs. C

  4. "The Consigliere" says :

    Truly Bitter,

    In the book of Proverbs, it states, “Do not put your pearls before swine nor give what is holy unto dogs.” Perhaps you are putting your wonderful love in front of those who do not know how to appreciate it.

    Mom, you know I am going to celebrate love always, because God is love. And you are always my Valentine.

    Mrs. C, what can I say? I guess she did a pretty decent job ;).

  5. Garlin II says :

    Steve, while I have never been one to ignore Valentine’s Day, but I think that most people may feel the way I do. Valentine’s Day, like Christmas, has been grossly over-commercialized. Showing love, commitment, and care for someone on a designated day is fine in and of itself. Being pressured into doing this by accepted cultural norms is problematic. So I try to do things that are more thoughtful than expensive, focusing on communicating with more than my pockets.

    Thankfully, such acts are greatly appreciated.

  6. Anonymous says :

    Showing love, commitment, and care for someone on is always appreciated in my book. Things that are more thoughful than expensive, focusing on communicating with more than my pockets, always produces something and someone that is worth treasuring…

    Happy Belated Valentine’s Day.


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