Fox News Talking Heads Attack Black People

Many are calling for the Congressional Black Caucus Institute (CBCI) to not partner with Fox News Channel when hosting it’s own set of Presidential debates (See my comment on the story).

Video of Fox News’ Attacks on Black people in general and Barack Obama specifically.

If you watch the above video, you will find it hard not to get sick of the hateful words used towards Black people numerous times on this network. My question is, why the CBCI thought this was a good idea in the first place? I am assuming the people who made the decision actually have watched television before.

Maybe the CBCI was desparate for viewers? I don’t think that any of the cable news networks (MSNBC, CNN, etc.) would turn down airtime with Presidential candidates, so that can’t be the excuse.

Maybe the CBCI felt that partnering with Fox News gives them the opportunity to address some of these statements that have been made on the air? This can be done without partnering with them so that can’t be the excuse either.

What’s really messed up about things like this video is that non-white, non-male political hopefuls have to deal with ignorance like this all day every day for the entirety of their public political lives. A white male candidate normally has to only deal with people challenging his political views and ideology, while occasionally dealing with questions concerning is spirituality or sexual orientation. Compared to questions about your gender, race, intelligence, etc., these questions are easy.

Lastly, some commenters on the story at the top think that not partnering with Fox News is equivalent to censoring? That is beyond ridiculous. Censoring would be saying that Fox News could not spew hatred. Refusing to partner, which is what is being requested here, is saying “you can say what you want, we just won’t work with you.”

If you agree, you can sign an online petition to CBCI that has been produced by Color of Change.

One Love. One II.

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7 responses to “Fox News Talking Heads Attack Black People”

  1. Ms. Mack says :

    CBCI’s decision to partner with
    Fox News does not surprise me. The CBC is known in D.C. as sort of a “commatose giant”, potentially they have an enormous amount of power but they fail to garner it. The proverbial “kicker” is that the Democrats and Republicans know this, so the Dem’s pacify the key individuals with “pretend status” in exchange for blind loyalty and promises to keep pushing the party line to the people; While Republicans simply either ignore or belittle what they know has the potential to be there toughest opponent. So it never surprises me that when the CBC makes a move its the wrong one.

  2. Ryan says :

    They are speaking the truth..look at the facts. THE FACTS. There are less black people here in the US, yet the majority of people in prison are black. Many black people feel like its all about race and that is why they get hassled and searched…its because the majority of them dress like thugs! What do you expect if you dress like a freakin’ gangster lol.

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