The Movement for Our Times

I saw this cartoon in a Christian Science Monitor article and I wanted to know what issue you think our generation should tackle. Have we seen an issue (or set of issues) whose reach is long enough to be a call for our generation? I would hate to have been one of those people who just sat around during the Civil Rights Movement because I was too selfish or otherwise not engaged. But is it possible we are doing that right now?

To be sure, we should take stock to make sure that history will not look back on us and have our silence be recorded in the face of mass injustice. What is your vision and barriers do you think exist to communicating this vision?

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3 responses to “The Movement for Our Times”

  1. Garlin II says :

    5 Issues of Today, not necessarily in order:

    1. Classism
    2. Racial Profiling
    3. Prison Industrial Complex and it’s effects on Black Men and the Black family
    4. AIDS
    5. Technology Access

    There are plenty more, but that’s a start.

  2. Brandon Q. says :

    Thanks G,

    I think your points, 2-5, are on point but I want to focus on classism. This issue was being played out in earnest with Martin Luther King’s Poor People’s Campaign and I think we haven’t seen a movement of that scale since then. (Someone please correct me if I am wrong) Having said that, I think classism is the major issue of our time but I wonder what political levees would have to break in order to radically reverse the rampant classism we see in America and across the world?

  3. Kyle says :

    I agree with both of you. King’s Poor People’s Campaign, X’s desire to do something of similar scope and magnitude, and the grassroots-esque “poor people’s movements” such as the Nation of Gods and Earths are, though lacking in number and in steam, keys to eradicating the classism. What levees would have to break, B? 9/10ths, if not all, of them.

    I’m with G on points 2-5. I would also add the issue of education (and access thereto) to the list. To me, it’s more than just books in classrooms and infrastructures on par with what should be normal; it’s about presenting options and choices so that people know what is out there: secondary, post-secondary, post-bac, etc. Prove that there’s more than one legitimate way to be successful…of course, this would mean redefining success, too, but that can be done.

    I’m intriguing by the idea of tackling the Prison Industrial Complex, though. I think that’s an excellent point.

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