Black Women and Presidential Politics


“Men might be the head of the household, but women are the neck that determines what the head does.” I am really butchering that quote but I think you get the gist; women truly run the world. 
This principle will prove especially true for Black women as the Presidential race heats up between Senator Clinton and Senator Obama. Just last week, a Clinton political operative “held a strategy session last week with influential black women, like Marva Smalls (a top exec at Nickelodeon) and NYPD chaplain Suzan Johnson Cook, at Hillary’s Manhattan headquarters.”

In the same article, Donna Brazile (former campaign manager for Al Gore) is quoted as saying, “What drives politics in the Black community is the early support of black women.”

So to my sisters, where do you stand with respect to support for Senator Clinton and Senator Obama? How are gender and race politics being fleshed out for you? What have you liked or disliked about either candidate?

Stay up fam,

Brandon Q.



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