Fox News sets debates with Congressional Black Caucus Institute???

In a follow up to Garlin’s post on this issue, Fox News has announced that it cut a deal with the Congressional Black Caucus Institute to sponsor not one, but two debates. According to Fox, “the first of the two debates will be among Democratic candidates and will be held on September 23rd at the Fox Theater in Detroit. The second debate will be among Republican candidates and will take place in the fall of 2007 at a location to be determined.”


First, I am appalled that the debate is happening in Detroit. More importantly, I don’t think the explicit bias of Fox News is in line with the mission of the Congressional Black Caucus Institute, which if you are wondering, “is to provide political education and training to the next generation of African American leadership.” Now I am sure there are some Black people who enjoy Fox News and I would never impose a group think on Black people.

However, the prejudices and biases should outrage Black people regardless of their political persuasions. And for that reason, I will make my voice heard to let the Congressional Black Caucus Institute to cancel their agreement with Fox News. If outside pressure forced Nevada Democrats to cancel their agreement to sponsor a debate with Fox News, then we can accomplish the same with the Congressional Black Caucus Institute. Please help us Lord.

Stay up fam,

Brandon Q.



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4 responses to “Fox News sets debates with Congressional Black Caucus Institute???”

  1. B.Davis says :

    The Fox/CBC connection is money. If money is the issue, how can the CBC represent the issues of the Black community? Congressman Rengal of NY voted in favor of the Blank Check Iraq War funding bill!? What is that about? More wasted black servicemen’s lives.

    In that respect, they are no different than any other elected officials in Washington. No one speaks for us.
    We must speak for ourselves in the next election and clean house! Get copies of the War funding roll call and do not re-elect any Black Congressman or Senator who voted yea. Do not vote for any politician who voted yea for the unlimited extension of the war.

    Yesterday is was announced that Washington wants a military presence in Iraq similar to the 50 year mess in South Korea. Imagine, still in Iraq in 2057! How many dead by then? 3300 in 4 years…..that would be 41,250 dead by then. (and 265,500 wounded and maimed by that time.)

    Lets get the “Toms” and “Carpetbaggers” out of Washington.

    Abington PA

  2. Brandon Q. says :

    B. Davis,

    I appreciate and share your passion. I say we vote for US and by us I mean Black folk who are not so tied to corporate interests that their ability to speak truth to power is hampered.

    The whole thing about the 50 year presence is out of control. There was a great documentarty on the history channel that outlines the history of Iraq entitled, “From Babylon to Baghdad.” There is tremedous symbolism in the US creating a huge embassy along the Tigris River.

    B. Davis, we have to do more than not vote for people that don’t have our best interests but we need to advance an agenda and that is what we try to do here on the SuperSpade.

    Thanks for your comment

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