Hearing from God: Part I


So today, while I was reading the Bible (I am on a mission to read it from Genesis to Revelation) I was reading the account of God using Moses and Aaron to convince the Egyptian Pharaoh to release their Israelites from captivity. Even though this story is familiar, it struck a new chord today that I want to share with you. The entire count of I am referencing is found in Exodus 1 through Exodus 13.The 10 Plagues

For as many times I have heard accounts of the 10 plagues, (Exodus 7:14 through Exodus 12:33) I was always confused as to why Pharaoh would continue to keep the Israelites in hostage in the face of such astonishing miracles. But a closer reading made me see something new. The first two plagues (turning the water to blood and having frogs completely cover the land) were duplicated by Pharaoh’s magicians through what the Bible calls “secret arts” and sorcery. After duplicating the first two plagues, I could see why Pharaoh would feel a little arrogant. In other words, “Why should I fear God when I can do what He can?”

As I think about my own life, I feel like there are times when I thought God was trying to show me something or direct me somewhere but I was convinced that I could do it under my own power (certainly not using sorcery). And once that phase passed, I took credit for something that God engineered. Have you ever done that? Certainly, God knew that Pharaoh’s magicians could mimic the first two plagues but I think the point to be made is that we shouldn’t be in the business of trying to see what we can do under own power but rather be in the business of what we can do with and through God.

My point is that we never know how low we are willing to go when we walk around with hardened hearts. One way we harden our own hearts is when we expect God to do astonishing miracles in our lives as a precondition of our efforts. The fact is that our relationship with God is not tit for tat. If you woke up this morning, ate, read the Word, talked to a family member/friend, went to work, or went to school, just know that God doesn’t need any more proof for us to get on board with His will for our lives. And like Pharaoh, I am guilty of wanting to see God show Himself before I took my commitment to the next level. This logic is obviously flawed, but look inside to make sure there is not a little bit of Pharaoh in you.

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2 responses to “Hearing from God: Part I”

  1. Jeremy says :

    Brandon, I certainly hear where you’re coming from and I myself am guilty of suggesting that I can do something more efficiently on my own than with God. One thing that really jumps out at me is God’s Plan. Reading this particular passage in Exodus, you will find that through all of Moses’ efforts to persuade Pharaoh into setting his people go and even as far into the Israelites wandering in the desert for 40 years, you see that God’s Plan never wavers. Contrastingly, the people put in God’s favor, or the people he is using to carry out His plan (Moses, the Israelities, us), waver and direct their sights to their own agenda. The consequence, is deviation from the most reliable source of guidance, God the Father. This, I feel, I what sometimes frustrates people who claim to love and follow Christ. One thing all believers must realize is that God is sovereign, and His Plan prevails over all things and cannot be stopped. God is omnipotent and totally in control of all circumstances, favor, and the future. So, the fact that God will do exactly what he pleases when he decides to do so, makes our plans futile and doomed from the start. Therefore, we become upset with God, or disappointed. This is so, because when we take heavy matters such as our money, relationships, and time into our own hands, we then allow God’s plan to intervenes with our own, causing confrontation. But of course, God always wins. So the most rational thing to do would be to simply trust God in all of your endeavors and seek his influence in all of the decisions you make. If you choose otherwise, you are setting yourself up for disappointment and frustration in God. Much like Pharaoh did when he failed to cooperate with Moses and the errant Israelites in the desert for 40 years.

    “There is a way that seems right to man, but in the end it leads to death”. Proverbs 14:12 (NIV)

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