Iranian hostage crisis

In CNN today, it was reported that Iraq is pressing the U.S. to release the 5 Iranian officials it seized in Iraq in January. The timing is critical because if you have been watching the news, 15 British sailors are in Iranian custody after being accused of trespassing into Iranian waters.

Of course, Bush could only be quiet for so long.

“President Bush was asked by a reporter in Washington on Tuesday whether the United States would be willing to give up the five Iranians to help obtain release of the Britons.”

“I support the Blair government’s attempts to solve this issue peacefully. So we’re in close consultation with the British government,” he responded. “I also strongly support the prime minister’s declaration that there should be no quid pro quos when it comes to the hostages.”

For clarity, Bush was saying that the U.S. won’t release the Iranian officials in exchange for Iran releasing the British sailors. My fear is that this conflict over the British sailors will be twisted around to serve as a launching pad for starting war with Iran.


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