Detroit Schools: Hope needed badly

Amid a flood of controversy, the Detroit Public School Board voted to approve a “realignment” plan to close 34 schools by the end of this year. This is a true turning point in the history of Detroit. The reality is that enrollment has declined all over the district along with horrible mismanagement (administrative and financial) at the central office. There is enough blame to go around but cities can not be sustained without a sustainable tax base. This is best achieved when families live in the same city where their kids go to school.

Unfortunately, previous boards have been privy to the deep financial problems of the district but instead of making tough decisions, chose instead to punt. Now we are in a situation of literal “slash and burn.” This decision will be the first of many for Detroit that highlight how times have changed and that responsibility and accountability most come from the leadership and citizenry alike. God willing, we will make make Detroit Public Schools better and make this city better.

Stay up fam,



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2 responses to “Detroit Schools: Hope needed badly”

  1. Lady B says :

    I agree that in the past tough decisions were not made and that money was mis-managed. But it is my hope that when the tough decisions are made that they are made in the best interest of children not adults. We are in deed in a crisis in Detroit because as job markets move so do people. With the auto industry in the process of closing plants and down sizing, major companies are relocating to other states (Comerica to Texas), and the boomerang effect on smaller companies – families are forced to find employment in other states. In the past 2 weeks alone 3 families informed me that they were relocating to places like Texas, Maryland, and Chicago. So with the relocation of families, Charter schools, and other districts willing to take Detroit’s students, we must find a way to recruit and keep the students that remain. It is my hope that Detroit Public Schools will become lean (operate in the black) mean (offer the best education experience in metro Detroit.

    Stay strong and continue to give a national shout out about Detroit – because we do produce some of the best and brightest in the world.

    I love to here you address the importance of keeping Public Education alive in America and the effect the Auto Industry’s crisis is having on Michigan.

    Lady B

  2. Brandon Q. says :

    Lady B, it is so good to hear from you. Unfortunately, relocation is fast becoming a forced choice for many families that can’t do for themselves in the rough economy here in Michigan.

    I will always make sure that the issues facing Detroit are featured here on The SuperSpade. And though you already know, it is not about my representing Detroit at the expense of any one else’s hometown. Every city is feeling it as the costs of our wars spiral out of control and states are forced to take on much of what the feds are dumping on them.

    And you said it best, our reliance on the auto industry used to be our best selling point. People would travel from the south to work in Detroit. Now the exact opposite is happening.

    Lady B, thank you so much for supporting us through the life of The SuperSpade.

    Brandon Q.

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