Senator Obama raises $25 million

Put your money where your mouth is America! That’s exactly what 100,000 some odd people  did when they helped Senator Barack Obama raise $25 million dollars for his Presidential campaign, $23.5 of which can be used in the primary campaign. (For the interests of full disclosure, I did donate to Sen. Obama’s Presidential Campaign)

This news is groundbreaking because last week, Senator Hillary Clinton announced she raised a record $26 million dollars, but we don’t know how much of that is earmarked for the primary or the general election.

My hunch is that Sen. Clinton’s team actually has less money to spend on the primaries than Sen. Obama but fear disclosing that information, thereby damaging the “inevitably” factor that has fueled much of her campaign. The truth will come out however, April 15th, when detailed fundraising reports are due. Senator Clinton was smart though, she knew Sen. Obama would have a stronger hand in terms of the big “Mo” (momentum) so she struck out first with the announcements. 

Some key facts to point out from the article,

Obama (D-Ill.) appears to have surpassed Clinton in several ways: He raised $6.9 million through donations over the Internet, more than the $4.2 million than Clinton (N.Y.) raised online. He reported donations from 100,000 people, double the 50,000 people who gave to Clinton.

Now let’s take a step back and consider that Sen. Clinton’s donor network has been cultivated for years through her husband’s friends and political allies. For anyone to rival Sen. Clinton’s fundraising prowess is proof positive that they have tapped into something real.

I am happy for Sen. Obama because all the doubters thought that he was only good for a rousing speech but through his fundraising, he has shown that he can play with the best of them.

Stay up fam,

Brandon Q.


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One response to “Senator Obama raises $25 million”

  1. Garlin II says :

    Brandon, Obama has been a prolific fundraiser since his Democratic National Convention speech in 2004. I don’t think the “doubters” questioned his ability to raise money.

    What is more interesting here is the fact that he gave back $500,000 in money that he got from lobbyists (thanks for the tip Ms. Remmu). See the TIME article here:,8599,1610529,00.html

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