Important updates on the Fox/CBC Institute debates

The unfolding drama of the Fox Presidential debates sponsored by the Congressional Black Caucus Institute is gaining more traction. Through it all, we at The SuperSpade will sift through the facts and get to the truth.

For starters, why haven’t anyone from the CBC (members or staff) released a statement or held a press conference defending their decision to sponsor two Presidential debates with Fox News? Their silence is deafening.

In related news, I must give props to John Edwards for announcing that he was not going to participate in the Fox debate. Here is an excerpt from his statement,

We just called the CBC to let them know that we’re looking forward to their January debate with CNN but we’re not going to participate in the proposed debate with Fox. The CBC champions critical issues that matter enormously to the future of our country, and we look forward to discussing them throughout this campaign and at their debate in January. But we believe there’s just no reason for Democrats to give Fox a platform to advance the right-wing agenda while pretending they’re objective.

Granted, John Edwards is really taking advantage of his underdog status with this gutsy move, but I respect him for it. This now puts pressure on Senator Obama and Senator Clinton to back out so we will keep you posted.

Lastly, I read an intriguing piece from Jack and Jill politics that pointed out the irony of the DNC not officially sanctioning the Fox debate with the Congressional Black Caucus Institute right when PBS announced on April 8th that,

Tavis Smiley will moderate two live presidential forums later this year. The Democratic gathering will be held June 28 at Howard University in Washington, D.C., while the Republicans will meet Sept. 27 at Morgan State University in Baltimore.

Jill made the observation that,

Tavis’ debate looks like an easy one for the DNC to get behind. Indeed, their announcement Thurs on the heels of Tavis’ announcement seems almost a tacit acceptance of one debate aimed at the African-American audience while openly rejecting another. All done with velvet gloves, so politely.

The CBC finds themselves out-classed and isolated. It’s time for leaders there to do another cost-benefit analysis. Does the benefit of Fox and News Corp donations and the dubious “exposure” with Fox’s audience make up for the loss of influence among Democratic peers?

I couldn’t agree with Jill more and if this fiasco gets more out of hand, it would be interesting to see if and how endorsements made by CBC members will be affected by the candidate’s handling of the Fox debate. And unlike past elections, the symbolism of having heavy contenders for the White House include a White woman and a Black man, endorsements made by any woman leader of leader of color will serve as critical turning points in this election cycle.

Go to Color of Change to join their campaign to put pressure on the CBC Institute to end their partnership with Fox

Stay up fam,

Brandon Q.


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