Personal Hygiene Help for the Fellas: Part II

Sometimes we lighten it up here at The SuperSpade. Today, we will delve into the wonderful world of hygiene help for the guys. In the first post on hygiene we touched on the importance of wet wipes, clipping hang nails, among other items. So as summer approaches and global warming makes this year the hottest ever, let’s get back to basics. This list is intended for everyone from the Scruff McGruffs to the metrosexuals. And as always, ladies please help us out if you have any suggestions.

1) How are we defining washing our face? Does washing our face with a cloth and hot water qualify? If you answered yes, then good friend you are sadly mistaken. It is time to upgrade to using face soap, (i.e. Noxzema) everyday.

2) For those of us who enjoy going out, I know the temptation of using a straight razor to get that extra close cut on your face and neck. But what is the reward for the closeness? Razor bumps. Let’s try to avoid razor bumps in 2007. They can lead to ingrown hairs and I’ll save you the horror stories. So what is the solution? If you need a close cut, go to the barbershop because yes, the barber’s clippers are way sharper than yours. And whether you go to the barbershop or cut your own hair, use witch hazel to help tame the bumps that come from close cuts along your hairline and beard.

3) Washing your back is important and I know most dudes only get to wash the lower portion of their back only because we are generally less limber than women and plus we don’t have to worry about putting on bras. Whatever the case, if you ever had someone rub your back and feel them catch a bump then you know that is not a good look. Between working out and just living, our backs generally don’t get a lot of cleaning, so it is a prime place for bumps to reside. One sure fire way to help remedy this is to invest in a back brush.

4) This item isn’t really hygienic although it could be. Keeping handkerchiefs on you is a good look. You might be in a situation where someone is crying and there is no easy access to tissue. You might be out somewhere and your face could be shiny from perspiring in the sun. If that’s the case, a little dabs from the hanky will serve you well. I could go on and on, but handkerchiefs are the truth when used correctly.

5) The ashiest part of your body is probably the top crack of your buttocks. (Check the next time before you take a shower) To remedy this, get some lotion or Vaseline back there. You’ll thank me later. 😉

6) As the summer gets underway, you will be sure to see the wet armpit. There is a lot of pressure to stay fresher longer, I know. One logical response that many guys are guilty of is using more deodorant than usual. This will only increase your chances of having the wet armpit. And I know some people actually have medical situations that cause them to sweat more. I am not talking about them. If you are a dude, please supplement your deodorant use with baby powder and wear undershirts. Just be aware. This means you knowing the conditions by which the wetness manifests and not putting your arm around someone or rocking the silk shirt with no undershirt.

7) If you are going out on Friday, don’t make plans so that you get a haircut on Friday but don’t have time to wash out the loose hair before you go where you need to go.

8. Q-tips are really important to use on a daily but pay special attention to your ears after a haircut. Having loose hair in and around your ear will draw unwanted attention and make you wonder why no one is looking you in your eye.

9) If there is ever a time to monitor your cologne usage, it is now. Your cologne shouldn’t smell like the woods (this is for the wintertime) but it should be light with a slight citrus undertone. Cologne is to be applied on your skin not your clothes. And as always, people shouldn’t be able to smell your cologne unless they are close to you. This is your warning to not get caught this summer with too much cologne.

10) Some brothers, (myself included) occasionally flirt with wearing sandals in the summertime. That’s cool; just remember to make sure to make sure your feet don’t look like you have been kicking bricks. Moisturizing of the feet is critical.

That’s all for this installment of Personal Upkeep/Hygiene Help for the Fellas. Tune in next time,

Stay up fam,

Brandon Q.


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7 responses to “Personal Hygiene Help for the Fellas: Part II”

  1. Tait says :

    I’d have to say I’m going to have to pass this on to a couple of my former significant others. Also when getting intimate, fellas make sure your ashiness is in check. There’s is nothing worse then grabbing on an ashy behind….

  2. Nikki says :

    LOL!!! Brandon you make me sick with your hygiene post. Hilarious. I’ll be sure to pass this on to a few bruhs I know. They surely need the advice.

  3. Jahmal W. says :

    I don’t know whether to take this sseriously, or laugh profusely. I will make sure to lotion the butt-crack every day after a shower. Don’t want to be turned away from a job because of an ashy a$$. Haha!!!! You’re the man BQ-Dub.

  4. Garlin II says :

    If we’re going to suggest products, let’s use this as an opportunity to support Black business. Things like this present great opportunities to support our people.

    Instead of Noxema, how about Carol’s Daughter (

    One Love. One II.

  5. David B. says :

    As far as handkerchiefs go, DON’T use them to blow your nose–that’s disgusting. Also, in the case that you want to wipe some tears don’t use the same handkerchief used for wiping sweat.

  6. Ellen says :

    Funny. It wouldn’t hurt the ladies to get some hygiene and beauty tips as well, especially as the summer approches…

  7. Brandon Q. says :

    Ellen, I would welcome and appreciate your posting on a personaly hygiene piece for the ladies!!!

    Dave, I hear you on the handkerchief but there have been times (like the car) where I haven’t had access to tissue and the handkerchief came in pretty handy. But like I said before, I rarely use it for myself.

    Garlin, thank you for the Black Business plug! You are my hero.

    Jahmal, thanks for the love sir. As for the ashy butt, you might not be turned away from a job but I am trying to prepare you for your wedding night, LET’S GO!!!

    Nikki, I know I make you sick with my hygiene posts, but it’s only because I speak the truth.

    Tait, I don’t think I can respond but thank you, 🙂

    Stay up fam,

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