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The Iraq War: Lost

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid recently said that the “Iraq war is lost.” I happen to agree with him and I am shocked at how much the truth rattles Washington insiders. Nevertheless, I haven’t really taken time to consider the immediate or future implications for American foreign policy and the geopolitical balance of the Middle East. 

There will come a time when our troops come home. But lest we forget, Bush waged preemptive war in our name so once it is “over” it won’t ever be back to normal. People in Iraq, our allies and our enemies resent the arrogance of our actions in Iraq. This resentment will fester for generations to come and I pray that American leaders have the wisdom to foresee the future harm this war is causing. 

And with the loss in blood and treasure, I think we have yet to see the true costs of this war. How do you think these costs will be materialized?

Stay up fam,

Brandon Q.


Education in 2008!

This is the campaign being spearheaded by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation and the Eli and Edythe Broad Foundation to make education a key priority issue in the presidential elections for 2008. With a war chest upwards of $60 million dollars, this is the largest single-issue advocacy campaign ever seen. What’s more appealing is that the campaign is not seeking to endorse a presidential candidate or even take stances on legislation. It simply wants to make sure education is a top priority on our national agenda. Read More…

Michigan’s Budget Crisis

For all of the national financial news we digest, I cannot emphasize how influential your state and local governments are in your day-to-day affairs. This is especially true when we consider that many states (unlike the federal government) require balanced budgets. Read More…

Personal Hygiene Help for the Fellas: Part II

Sometimes we lighten it up here at The SuperSpade. Today, we will delve into the wonderful world of hygiene help for the guys. In the first post on hygiene we touched on the importance of wet wipes, clipping hang nails, among other items. So as summer approaches and global warming makes this year the hottest ever, let’s get back to basics. This list is intended for everyone from the Scruff McGruffs to the metrosexuals. And as always, ladies please help us out if you have any suggestions. Read More…

Don Imus & The End of Controversial Voices?

This is the last time I step on this dead horse, I promise.

Media owner/critic [and Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban asks interesting questions about the Imus fallout. Here’s one:

Was Imus the last “media provocateur”? If most media are controlled by major corporations, who is going to be willing to put their job on the line and say something that might catch the fancy of tabloid news, and in turn upset the board of directors? Who is going to be willing to knowingly take an unpopular position and accept the accompanying risk?

This basically translates to asking if any network will have any gall to support people who say crazy and/or stupid things. Cuban mentions that he thinks Fox News would. He’s right, and they have demonstrated that time and time again.

This is important to ponder when thinking about media and media reform. What level of controversy and/or offensiveness is acceptable or should be permitted? Should any?

Let’s flip this and ask the same question: If [insert your “prominent” Black non-sports media personality here, but for the purposes of example I’ll say] Tom Joyner said some horribly offensive things about white or Hispanic women, would you want him fired?

Let’s be careful with our double standards. We all know that they exist. The question is where/if they ever make sense.

One Love. One II.

Community colleges

As high school students prepare for graduate, their friends and family members will bombard them with the same question, “So where are you going to college?” To a large extent, I applaud the strong push for higher education but by college, most people assume college to mean a 4-year university. So when HS graduates say, “I am going to community college,” I get sick to my stomach to see the tacit disappointment register on the face of the person asking the question. Read More…

The Weekly Dream: Out of This World

“Peace I leave with you, my peace I give unto you: not as the world giveth, give I unto you.  Let not your heart be troubled, neither let it be afraid.”

-John 14:27

“Find heaven in yourself and God”

Ghetto Heaven, Common

A few days before the Virginia Tech tragedy, I was having a conversation with my neighbors about the local crime in the city.  In my astonishment I asked, “Where do you have to go to get some peace?  The moon?”  To which my neighbor responded, “You better look at yourself, that is the only place you are going to find it.”  For some reason, that stuck with me.

Let’s face it, the world is crazy.  And if you did not know that before the Virginia Tech shootings, that incident right there should prove it to you.  And something we often forget is that people are hurting and lonely.  We may be hurting and lonely and do not even realize it.  So I asked myself, “Where do people find peace?”

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