The Weekly Dream: Happy Mama’s Day!

Hello Everyone,

As you know, Mother’s Day is right around the corner and the malls and restaurants are filled with last minute shoppers trying to do something special for the woman who brought them into this world.  This week, since I finished my exams, I was laying in my bed and flipping through channels when I landed on The Learning Channel.  It must have been baby week or something because every show was about pregnancy and how families adjust to childbirth.  It was so real.  I knew, but did not fully appreciate what it really takes to be a mother. 

There was a consistent theme I notice throughout all the shows and stories I watched that day, and that was motherhood is all about pain and sacrifice.  I was looking at all these women and the discomfort on their face was palpable.  Lord have mercy!  It made me realize that the road to motherhood is one birthed in pain.  After they give birth to you, the pregnancy wreaks havoc on the body.  Not to mention that babies have some of the strangest sleeping habits I have ever seen.  One of my good friends has a baby and it is like he never sleeps.  She sleeps when he sleeps, and when he is up, she is up.  And the sacrifice goes on.  Man, when I saw that, I just wanted to say “Mama, I am sorry if I kept you up.”  Because I know I would go crazy having such erratic sleeping behaviors.  But I digress.

 Mother’s take all of our pain, all of our disappointment, all of our bad decisions and carry it with no complaints.  They never complain about our ingratitude or disrespect.  And they are always in our corner, praying, hoping and loving.  We never really understand what we put our mother’s through.  But ask any of them, and they will say it is all worth it.  Mother’s represent the flower of womanhood and are a physical representation of God’s love on earth.  My mother is the only person I know that can be around me for 24 hours and not need a break.  That is a feat in and of itself.  Mother’s love you in spite of yourself and do not remember any of the bad things.  And they come in all sorts of shapes and sizes, but the love is still the same.  Why?  I think it is because of how much she had to give up to get you here.  When you came in the world, her priorities changed.  And as long as she lives, you will be her baby. 

So what can we give our mothers, to make the pain and sacrifice all worth it?  We can be the best we can be.  We can strive to achieve and live up to our potential.  We, in turn can be good mothers, fathers, husbands and wives.  Mothers do not care about the money you make, they normally just want you to be happy and responsible.  They want you to be a man or woman of integrity, character and wisdom.  They want you to listen.  They want you to follow your dream.   

The flowers and candy and dinners are nice, but the person you are is the legacy your mother will leave on the earth.  I want to thank all the Mothers out there for the sacrifice you made and continue to make to make sure your children have the best.  We will never know what you have to do or what you went through, but you are appreciated.  Thanks for the love, support and protection.

What do you remember or love the most about your mother?  What have you learned from her?  If you are a mother, what have you enjoyed the most about the journey and what advice do you have for mother’s to be?  Sound off about these extremely special and important women.

Happy Mother’s Day.

Truth and Peace,

Steven M DeVougas


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One response to “The Weekly Dream: Happy Mama’s Day!”

  1. MOM2 says :

    How eloquently written. With such keen insights, I am sure you are going to be a wonderful husband and father. The thing about being a mother is that instant connection. It does not disappear once they are 18 or even when the marry…..nor do the sleepless nights (smile). I sense things probably before they do. The one greatest gift that a child can give a parent(mother, I believe, is to love the Lord with his heart and soul. Then, the rest falls into place.

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