The Weekly Dream: Show Up

 “When you play with skill, good things will happen”-Jay-Z

 This week was my first week clerking at my firm.  And already, this summer is far different than last summer.  Last year this time, I knew less than nothing.  I could not tell the forest from the trees and I did not have much confidence in what I was doing until the end of the summer. 

This year is different.  Because I proved myself last summer and I built a rapport in my office, I am getting better projects and it is really enjoyable.  Now, I am finally getting the opportunity to look at the big picture and I am amazed at how much there is to know and learn. 

I say all of this because if I would have thrown in the towel last summer, I would not get the opportunities I am getting now.  And the thought pressed upon me that life is really about showing up.   You may have good days, and you will have bad days.  However, if you are doing what you are supposed to do and remain open to experience, good things can and will happen. 

I used to worry about my future.  Whether I would accomplish my dreams and aspirations.  My biggest fear was that I would spend my life doing something I did not like to do or stuck in a rut.  And I realized that the fear was rooted in fearing that I would not be true to myself or my ideals.  That I would compromise.  However, I realized that I needed to focus on what was in front of me.  And if I showed up everyday, doing what I knew to be right, delivering performance with excellence and staying in the moment, good things would occur. 

Everyday we must strive to be better than we were yesterday.  Like Al Pacino said in “Any Given Sunday”-life is a game of inches.  There is no better example of this than running.  I was training with a friend of mine who will be running the Chicago marathon.  And I abhor running.  But she convinced me and we went four times a week.  The first week, I was cramping and winded.  But every week I got better and better.  Whether I felt like it or not, I made it a priority, whether she was with me or not, to run.  And you know what?  I got better and now I love it. 

How many of us go through life avoiding discomfort?  We go through life hiding from challenges and doing what we want to do?  Instead, stand boldly and throw yourself into it.  And do not let go until you win.  Growing up, my father always told me, “Success people do what they do not want to do to get to where they need to be.”  What are you avoiding and hiding from? 

I am learning to numb myself to success and failure, praise and criticism because they are transient.  At the end of the day, it says nothing about the quality of person you are or your potential.  The world may look at the results and judge you, but only you and God knows what is in your heart and what you are truly capable of.  

Truth and Peace,

Steven M DeVougas



One response to “The Weekly Dream: Show Up”

  1. Mom2 says :

    Always remember…the opposite of fear is Faith!!!

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