CBC breaking my heart

The Congressional Black Caucus is breaking my heart. The frustration exposed over this Fox debate is starting to reveal deeper cracks in their armor and Black leadership in general (those primarily funded via corporations). The campaign that we have signed onto has reached the front pages of the New York Times.

If you can believe this, the CBC is pushing so hard to keep this debate alive that “there was, for example, a meeting for caucus press secretaries attended by representatives of News Corporation and Fox News, where talk turned to how to publicly present the merits of the debate.”

Now before you continue, please read the aforementioned quote again. So if you still don’t understand what is happening, the CBC is doing public relations for Fox News. (Thanks Gabriel) Are you kidding me? Is this debate so important to the future of Black America that we have to get talking points from Fox News, the same network that brought you this foolishness? Why would anyone (even 1% Black) agree to be a mouthpiece to help legitimize Fox News?

This is what burns me though. Incumbency amongst members of Congress is institutionalized and even more so among Congressional Black Caucus members. This debate can’t be that important even after you factor in self interest for re-election. When was the last time you heard of a seat held by a Black Democrat seriously under threat from an opponent who was either not Black or not Democrat? These are safe seats and if it is so important for Presidential candidates to “reach out” to Black folks and people of color, why don’t CBC members come home from Washington and go door to door, educating our people on the urban agenda being forwarded by Presidential candidates?

But then I was reminded that many CBC members really don’t have to door to door to get votes or campaign contributions. (see this article by Bruce Dixon) This should allow them more time to create a real urban agenda that is not dependent on who is President rather than running around touting the “value” of a debate hosted by Fox!

Please sign the petition, as we have, headed up by our friends at Color of Change urging 2008 presidential candidates to boycott any presidential debate held at Fox News. After signing we hope you will help spread the word.

Stay up fam,

Brandon Q.


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2 responses to “CBC breaking my heart”

  1. AgentX says :

    After reading your post, I have decided that the name of the CBC should be changed from Congressional Black Caucus to:
    1. Corporate Black Cronies
    2. Corrupt Black Caucus
    3. Completely Boneless Caucus
    4. Craptastic Banal Club
    5. Congressional Black Cronies
    6. Completely Boutout Coloreds
    7. Chickenhead Bleeding Cash

  2. Brandon Q. says :

    Thanks for the comment AgentX, I can’t really add anything to your comment but nevertheless, the corporate influence of our Black leaders at large has reached sickening levels. The fall out from this debate will be remembered for years to come,

    Stay up fam,

    Brandon Q.

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