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The Weekly Dream: Making Adjustments

“If you do what you have always done, you will get what you have always gotten.”

I recently found myself trying to get into golf and I must admit it is really an addictive game.  As I was taking my first lesson in years last week, I was amazed at how precise the game is.  The smallest flaw in form could be the difference between a beautiful shot and a slice.  Another thing about golf is that it is just as important where you end as where you begin.  We were constantly taking aim, taking practice swings and checking our ending form in order to make sure that we were developing good form. 

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Detroit updates

What’s up fam,

Let me just say for all my people that are planning on coming back to Detroit in the future, don’t wait too long. This past week, my city shined. The new and improved Riverfront was unveiled at The River Days festival and it was breathtakingly amazing. There were three main stages with fantastic music. Hotsauce, an incredible R&B/funk group that performs original music and all purpose classics, brought the house down, symbolizing how young people are vital to Detroit’s success. Families from all backgrounds were out smiling, dancing, and otherwise having a good time. Read More…

Covenant, meet D-Presidential candidates

I know people really don’t watch TV during the summer but I need you to watch the Presidential Debate tonight on PBS, hosted by Tavis Smiley at 9 ET. If you will recall, Tavis Smiley announced these debates when The Covenant was released and the topics covered in the debate will focus on the key priorities outlined in the book. Tonight will feature Democratic candidates and Republicans will debate on September 27th. If any of you have ever heard Tavis, give an interview, the brother is extremely adept at asking probing questions. I forgot to mention that both debates will be held at HBCUs with Howard hosting tonight and Morgan State hosting in September. We are giving a hat tip to Tavis and the great work he continues to do for the community. Check your local listings, and if you can’t be at home, you can watch the debate online. Expect follow-up coverage from The SuperSpade.

Stay up fam,

Brandon Q.

The Danger of hope dashed

Hope is a very delicate feeling that if damaged, can cause irreparable damage. Bush and the RNC’s strong arm tactics scuttled the hope of many minority voters as tried to vote in hopes of seeing real change. The one thing that people hate more than a bad situation is being denied the choice for something better. That is why we here at The SuperSpade are teaming up with our good friends from Color of Change to oppose the nomination of Hans von Spakovsky to the Federal Election Commission. This man helped engineer the “felon” voter purge in Florida that disenfranchised thousands of Black people. The last thing we need are guys like Spakovsky having positions of great influence where he can dash the hopes of more people of color. The dangers of more conservative lunacy is like living in a real-life nightmare.

Go to this link and sign the petition.

Stay up fam,

Brandon Q.

The Weekly Dream: Crisis in Manhood

Father’s Day has just passed and hopefully you took the time to appreciate the father in your life, whomever it may be.  As I have written before, Father’s Day is an interesting holiday to me.  I am not a father, but I think the relationship between a father and a child is a unique one and it tends to be a more complicated one than the mother and child dynamic. 

As I was driving around the city last week, enjoying the excellent weather, for the first time I noticed that there were women and children everywhere, but you rarely saw the fathers or men.  I am not talking about young men, but grown men.  And I not only asked where are all the fathers, but where are all the men period?

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Is racial integration required?

Honestly now, how much is racial integration (work, where you live, social life, etc.) important to you? I ask that because my take is that racial integration in is not vitally important and it would be…(hold your breath) OK if groups more or less kept to themselves while having the freedom to experience different races/cultures. It seriously has to be alright to be with your own sometimes. And for Black people, it pains me when we praise the solidarity of other races/cultures but scoff at the notion of having such solidarity amongst ourselves. Something has to give, can you help me understand?

Stay up fam,

Brandon Q.

Actively wanting less

After reading Garlin’s fantastic post on the Black Middle Class, I was inspired to think of ways that we can maintain an engaged and active middle class. This idea is not original, but I think the answer comes from actively wanting less. Read More…

The Divided Minority: Black America

In an interview with Prensa Latina that focused primarily on Michael Moore, Cuban-American activist Andres Gomez made an interesting observation about Black america:

We can say that the black caucus is mostly liberal, although there is a strong black middle class that does not respond to the interests of the black poor and divides that minority.

This is sad, but unfortunately true.

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Obama’s New Politics

My colleagues at the Northwest Progressive Institute pointed to a disturbing story about a document put out by the Obama camp. It was basically a slap in the face to Hillary Clinton’s India supporters. I would never have expected this from Obama. Read More…

New rule: Black Presidential endorsements

New rule: If you are Black person of any influence and want to endorse a Presidential candidate, avoid saying dumb stuff!!! My outrage is directed towards Daryl McDaniels, founding member of the legendary Run D.M.C. This guy, speaking to reporters says he is Read More…