Moral School Reform?

If your family lived in a major city with a poor educational system, do you think it would be morally wrong for you to use a relative’s address that lives in the suburbs so your kids could access a higher quality education?

I ask this question because false address changes are probably the easiest way many parents access better schooling for their children. And for as much we want to see positive change for K-12 public schools, it is very difficult to ask a parent of a low-achieving school district to wait for these changes to take root. My hunch is that many people think it is bad, but permissible. Nevertheless, what does it say to our kids when we tell them to lie if and when they are asked where they’re from?

And let me flip the script, if you were living in a high-achieving school district and were asked to lend your address so the child of a relative/friend could access your school district, how would you evaluate whether or not to grant that request?

Let me know what you think,

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Brandon Q.



2 responses to “Moral School Reform?”

  1. Fatima says :

    It tells our kids that the system is so horribly corrupt and the people at the top are so morally indespicable that the corruption trickles down such that our kids have to lie about their addresses in order to have access to a decent education. the hope is that when asked our kids might have the courage to say, “im from rochester hills. but actually, im from detroit. i have to tell you im from rochester hills because otherwise, you would prevent me from learning. and education is my right, not just for the rich and white.” and the further hope is that if enough of our kids make such bold statements, something will happen. what that something is, i don’t know. i just hope its not a reevaluation of address forms and funneling of money into stupid, pointless, unjust things such as double checking written address against real addresses.

  2. Brandon Q. says :

    Thanks for your comment Fatima,

    I agree with you that it does tell our kids that the system is truly flawed. I wouldn’t be surprised if there were some cases where kids have made remarks similar to the ones you described. Furthermore, I want more parents to speak up for their kids and make it known to elected officials that quality education shouldn’t depend on a person’s zip code. And for those of us that don’t have kids, we should be speaking up as well.

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