The Weekly Dream: I Can Love You Better?

“Show me you love me and you won’t have to say a word”-Charlie Wilson

Well every one, we are knee-deep into the Wedding Season. That means love is in the air and Cupid is mighty busy. The tension and the desire is palpable. In the midst of listening to “Here and Now” for the one hundredth time, I cannot help but wonder if we spend too much time looking for love?

As a society, we are socialized to be obsessed with love and romance. Daily, we are bombarded with messages to give in to love, that we need to find someone. But what if we took all of the time and resources we devote to this pursuit and applied it to some other endeavor? We would be wealthy, able to speak three languages and finally have the opportunity to keep up with Oprah’s book club (if you are into that kind of thing). However, would we be as happy or fulfilled? Probably not. As human beings, we are made to love. 

Looking for Love
So the question becomes, what exactly are we looking for? Are we chasing the thrill? And then when the feeling is gone then what? I am thoroughly convinced, the older I get, that people are not successful in love because they do not know what real love is and are not true to the ideal. In reality, loving someone correctly is harder than making a decision, which is also difficult as humans are given to change and of finite intelligence.

Are we loving and being loved correctly? Are we perfected in the power of love?

Love is a Journey
At every wedding, someone reads 1 Corinthians 13, which is called the Love chapter in the Bible. But I believe the power of this chapter is lost on some people because it is so commercialized. I know it was to me, until a couple of months ago, I actually tried to LIVE what was in this passage. I created what I call the Love checklist. This is my manual to let me know if I am walking and manifesting a love nature. And believe me, it is way easier said than done.

In 1 Cor. 13, Love is described as kind, patient, never jealous, boastful, proud or ambitious (v.4). Right out the gate, most of us have failed. Are we always kind to those we love? And I can count on one hand how many patient people I know.

Love is never rude, selfish, or quick-tempered (v. 5). It keeps no record of wrongs, which means that love entails forgiveness. Indeed, another verse states that love covers a multitude of sins. How many of us have been hurt and cannot move past it? We say we forgive, but we do not mean it from the heart. Especially in relationships, people do things to hurt us, intentionally and unintentionally, and we never let it go. If we cannot forgive those people we are close to, our neighbors and family, how can we ever get to the point where we love our enemies?

Love hates evil and rejoices in the truth (v. 6). This means that love has integrity. There is no deceit, guile or spite involved with love. Love is supportive, loyal, hopeful and trusting (v.7). Love never fails, meaning it has endurance and perseveres through everything. And once you have mastered all of these areas, then it is a sign of maturity. You can maintain a love attitude regardless of what people do to you.

I encourage everyone to look up the definition of these characteristics to get a full and deep appreciation of the character of love.

Love in Action
Love corresponds with action. Towards God, it is obedience. Towards man, it is endurance because people are not always lovable. No matter how good a person you think you are, you still fall short because no one can love the way God loves. However, it does not mean that it is not worth the effort. It is a journey and we must try to get better every day.

Love is the greatest power on earth. When we walk in love, we manifest the essence of divine nature and reflect the very likeness of the Creator. On the other hand, when you do not walk in love, it is hard to receive the love of others.

Tap into this power and watch your life change. So, when you are faced with a problem, just put some real love on it.


Truth and Peace,

Steven M DeVougas



4 responses to “The Weekly Dream: I Can Love You Better?”

  1. Anonymous says :

    You are an awesome writer. Ithink that Dr. Phil has some real competition here. Your messages appear to be genuine. It is difficult to believe that a man your age is so knowledgeable on a subject that most men find repulsive (smiles). However, do know that I read your message and I processed its meaning. Keep up the good work and your marriage will do well if “both” of you practiced what you’ve written here. It requires both participants.

    Mrs. Robinson

  2. Steven M Devougas says :

    Thank you very much. I am definitely flattered. I am just learning all of this stuff and it is not like they have a class that teaches you these things. But, we do the best we can with what we have. Daily, we must train ourselves to not follow our selfish instincts and do what is right and pleasing to God. However, it is hard and we will not get it automatically. So might as well plug away at it.

    The real difficulty is loving people in spite of themselves. It is an adventure for sure. And it does take two, but I could write an article on that alone.

  3. K. Warfield says :

    Steve, this is SO on point for me today. I really, really, really needed to see this. It’s amazing how God (or whomever one’s spiritual being of choice may be) works through those who you know. These are the exact words that I need to pay attention to in order to understand my current situation and where I want to be. I’m deeply affected. Peace, family.

  4. David B. says :

    Good breakdown. That verse is very saturated and glossed over in society. And loving the unloveable people in the world is a monster of a task. I may just have to steal the “Love checklist” idea.

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