Maya Angelou endorses Sen. Clinton

I keep seeing “hat tip” on many Black Blogs so I am giving a hat tip to Jack and Jill for posting a video featuring the video of Dr. Maya Angelou endorsing Senator Hilary Clinton for President.

After watching the video, my heart dropped when there was an elongated scene between Sen. Clinton and Rep. Sheila Jackson-Lee. My first thought was, “There must be some mistake, Sheila should sue!!” Not only has Sheila Jackson-Lee endorsed Clinton, she is a national co-chair. Why didn’t anyone tell me? Thank God for blogs. I was hurt because I really admire Rep. Sheila and I am proud of her anti-war efforts. And that is why I am so confused, because while Rep. Jackson-Lee voted against the war, Sen. Clinton voted for the war.

And for Maya Angelou, I concur with Jill that Angelou’s performance just seemed well…weird. The video was solely about how Hilary’s campaign is great for women and Black women at-large with no reference to anything but her gender. And let me be clear, I am supportive of the Obama campaign and I will not attack any Black person that endorses any other candidate other than Obama. But I will pick apart endorsements that are devoid of context, policies, or personal actions.

And no, Bill was not the first Black President, nor will Hilary, (if elected) be the second Black President.

I just chuckled, thinking about how close Oprah and Maya Angelou are, imagining their conversations over who to endorse and why. (Oprah came out for Obama)

To my Black women, this election is largely in your hands, how will you decide?

Stay up fam,

Brandon Q.

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One response to “Maya Angelou endorses Sen. Clinton”

  1. Anonymous says :

    While Maya usually makes me proud to spell my name W-O-M-A-N, there is something very wrong with this video of her, it makes me uncomfortable to the point that I stopped it.

    As for Sen. Clinton, I respect her as a woman, she has come far, and I certainly would be be fine if she were to become the next President. That being said, she’s no Barack Obama. I am a BLACK woman, not just a woman, and the fact that Barack is running, and the fact that he has such a strong, opinionated, beautiful black wife reppin’ by his side tells me that he can handle women’s issues just as well as Hillary could, and that’s one of the things I care about the most. I respect the Clinton’s but they aren’t a black couple…

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