New rule: Black Presidential endorsements

New rule: If you are Black person of any influence and want to endorse a Presidential candidate, avoid saying dumb stuff!!! My outrage is directed towards Daryl McDaniels, founding member of the legendary Run D.M.C. This guy, speaking to reporters says he is

backing Mrs. Clinton “because it’s gangsta. I ain’t doing what everybody else is doing.”

Asked to expand on his point, Mr. McDaniels said, “You know what I’m saying. I didn’t say ‘Barack would do a better job’ because I have faith in Hillary. I just [think] Barack would have nobody to worry about. You know what I’m saying? He’s like—he’s like Run-D.M.C. wearing Adidas into a Reebok party. Or a Nike party. People got to respect that. Because for me, it’s not about—for me, everything that I do, it’s not about black, white, Democrat, Republican. Everything I do is about all of us. Because we all hip-hop.”

I am not saying you have to talk like a dictionary, but where is the context? By context, I mean the history and impact of addressing Black issues. Second rule, no Black endorsements should be made unless it can be placed in the context of the issues outlined in the The Covenant with Black America.

Moreover, what is gangsta? Did Daryl put his finger in the air and saw everyone endorsing Obama and think, “I am going to be different, let me endorse Senator Clinton.” Daryl, she is the front runner, so if you wanted to do what everyone else was doing, you would have endorsed somebody other than Senator Clinton.

I am really afraid that some Blacks of influence are not careful enough in their endorsing of various candidates. I am not so concerned with whom they endorse but the context by which their endorsements reflect the priorities of Black people everywhere. Daryl, you are 40+, comfortable, and understand positive hip hop, so why are you doing ANYTHING, yet alone endorse a Presidential candidate, because its gangsta!?!?!?

I am done,

Stay up fam,

Brandon Q.



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4 responses to “New rule: Black Presidential endorsements”

  1. rianaelyse says :

    completely agree b…this quote was extremely vacuous and uninformative.

  2. K. Warfield says :

    B, I can hear your voice all over this one! Aside from “backing Mrs. Clinton”, I don’t understand a single thing D.M.C. was trying to get at – and even that was paraphrased. Ri stole my word (okay, not really because I had never heard of it and had no intention of using it..but will follow up with my good friend Merriam-Webster)…this quote is vacuous. I agree with both your rules…especially amongst people of influence.

    In most cases it’s better that something be said than nothing at all – at least prove to me that you’re a breathing being with some political awareness. But in this case, D.M.C. just needed to leave it all alone.

  3. Brandon Q. says :

    Riana, your vocabulary exemplifies the greatness of your high school, 🙂 Thanks though

    Kyle, you know that in terms of salt, I am probably 47 years old. I just don’t get it, I mean if you don’t know what to say, read a freakin’ script! I actually think that in this case, it makes more sense to not say anything at all.

    In the grand scheme of things endorsements are not going to make or break this election but when asked WHY they are endorsing a certain candidate, we get a glimpse of what Blacks of influence view as important. That is the scary part, having someone essentially say they endorsed a candidate because they can do the hustle. This would be an ideal time to put the Covenant with Black America in practice.

    Do you all think that many Blacks of influence that normally would not engage in politics will get involved in the endorsement game due to Obama’s participation? If so, what effect do you think it will have on the Black body politic, if any at all?

    Stay up fam,

    Brandon Q.

  4. K. Warfield says :

    You know, at first I thought we would be hearing a LOT of endorsements from Black people who normally would clam up when Presidential-time came around. I didn’t think it would be groundbreaking (for example, I wasn’t expecting Mr. Middleground himself Michael Jeffrey Jordan to come out and start endorsing), but I figured a number of people would weigh in. In my mind, the downside to that is all about appearance: when there are no viable Black candidates running, no one wants to step up and ‘assist’ Black America in deciding who to take a strong second look at; when there is one, the normally-quiet Black person of influence grabs onto the Black candidate’s coattails for obvious identification reasons. In that respect, D.M.C. gets some credit for the attempt…but no credit for the justification.

    Would it be helpful to the Black body politic if someone gave us an educated, well-reasoned endorsement of ANY of the candidates? YES. Should the endorsement focus or at least involve said candidate’s platform in relation to the Covenant? YES YES. I think it would be a positve step in creating an underlying common ground between Blacks of influence and Blacks who are there to be influenced.

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