Detroit updates

What’s up fam,

Let me just say for all my people that are planning on coming back to Detroit in the future, don’t wait too long. This past week, my city shined. The new and improved Riverfront was unveiled at The River Days festival and it was breathtakingly amazing. There were three main stages with fantastic music. Hotsauce, an incredible R&B/funk group that performs original music and all purpose classics, brought the house down, symbolizing how young people are vital to Detroit’s success. Families from all backgrounds were out smiling, dancing, and otherwise having a good time.

There was a string of fountains coming out of the ground, enticing children to get wet and sometimes caught between streams of water taller then themselves. Old heads will remember the Boblo Boat and it was docked along the Riverfront. Classic. How about helicopter rides for under $40? How about having a full carnival section with rides where kids can be innocent and safe? How about being treated to a full out concert by Angie Stone…for free?

The best way I can describe the new Riverfront is to compare it to a scaled down version of Chicago’s famed Navy Pier. Just last night I was downtown to watch the fireworks and I just strolled along the Riverfront to see dozens of torn down buildings adorned with beautiful signs of new luxury lofts built along the Riverfront. I overheard two police officers discuss the need for mass transit to help bring jobs to Detroit. (I am working with a group; Transit Rider’s United to make the dream of mass transit a reality in Detroit.) We are getting closer to having an outdoor mall in Detroit (off of 8 mile and Woodward) The plan made it out of the State Senate Economic Development Committee and is all but assured to go through. For folks not from Detroit, it should be noted that there are no major malls in Detroit and if successful, this would be the city’s first major retail project in years.

I know there are many negative things that can be said about Detroit but the next time you overhear Detroit bashing, you now have positive things to say in response. I am so tired of folks telling me what Detroit can’t be when they haven’t done anything to get their hands dirty. It’s never too late.

This has been your Detroit update,


Stay up fam,

Brandon Q.


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