The Weekly Dream: Making Adjustments

“If you do what you have always done, you will get what you have always gotten.”

I recently found myself trying to get into golf and I must admit it is really an addictive game.  As I was taking my first lesson in years last week, I was amazed at how precise the game is.  The smallest flaw in form could be the difference between a beautiful shot and a slice.  Another thing about golf is that it is just as important where you end as where you begin.  We were constantly taking aim, taking practice swings and checking our ending form in order to make sure that we were developing good form. 

The metaphor for life is all over golf.  I thought about how some individuals greatest flaw is their inability to adjust to what the situation is in front of them.  Some individuals get so stuck in their ways, that they are not sensitive to how the playing field has changed. 

Growing up, my mother always told me to always have a Plan B.  This means that there are multiple ways to reach an objective.  And we should be flexible in reaching our goals.  As long as it is moral, legal and in line with our integrity, it is alright to use everything at our disposal to achieve our aim.  When you see a course of action is no longer feasible, assess and adjust.  Ask yourself, “Is it something I need to do differently or do I need to change my environment?” 

 Life is funny.  Depending upon the environment, your strengths can become your weaknesses and vice versa, so as human beings, we must constantly adapt.  This power of adaptability is what allows us to live in any environment on earth.  As long as we have the basics, we have been able to adjust our lives to our environment.  Apply this same mentality to your career, relationships, and friendships.  And you will discover that it is an adventure in trying to figure out what works and what does not.  With adjustments, setbacks do not become failures, but opportunities to explore and innovate. 

What It Takes

In order to adjust, it takes an awareness of your inner climate and your surroundings.  You have to be able to think through the variables that are affecting you internally and externally.  And you have to also know what it most important and what is not worth fighting over-the non-negotiables.  Next it takes an openness to compromise.  You cannot always subject situations to your will, a negotiation of interests must take place.  As the saying goes, you have to give a little to get a little.  

Do not get so wrapped up in something or a way of doing something to the point where you become a martyr or a victim of circumstance.  Unless it is really a point of principle, it is not that deep.  Most of the time, what people call principle is just plain old pride and stubbornness.

Life is a highway and always full of construction, therefore, when the bridge is out, get used to detours.

Truth and Peace,

Steven M DeVougas



3 responses to “The Weekly Dream: Making Adjustments”

  1. Alfreda Robinson says :

    Your writing is impressive. Full of wisdom. You’re an old soul. I’ll pass this on to others that need to “learn to make adjustments”.

    Mrs. Robinson

  2. Steven M Devougas says :

    As always Mrs. Robinson, I appreciate your comments. And I appreciate you spreading the word.

  3. Garlin II says :


    Our favorite author Robert Greene talks about this in The 33 Strategies of War in Law #2: Don’t fight the last war.

    The inability to adapt is the ability to perish.

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